premium clothing brand

Client Details

Client: Poshlum Clothing Label

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Challenge: When Poshlum contacted SpellBrand to help them create a premium luxury clothing brand, we were excited at the prospect. We specialize in helping fashion and clothing labels launch maximize their brand assets and connect with their target markets and working with a luxury client was an exciting prospect.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution: Since Poshlum intended to be a luxury clothing brand targeting the upscale market, we wanted to create an icon that would exude high class and eliteness. We tried several different versions of a diamond incorporated into the design and finally settled on a very simply shape with a crown on top to bring home the message of luxury, exclusivity and high end.In today’s clothing and fashion market, perception, image and branding is the only thing that gives a company the edge and get ahead of the competition. When one single garment factory in Chine or Bangladesh is supplying clothing to several different fashion brands, the only reason we are paying twice or thrice the price for one brand as opposed to the other is purely the result of branding and building perception.

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