African Streetwear Apparel Brand Identity

African Streetwear Apparel Brand Identity
African Streetwear Clothing Brand Identity
Africa clothing brand

G.CULTURE is a startup streetwear company infusing African cloth print into their streetwear clothing designs that promote travel and enjoyment of other cultures. The brand features apparel branding inspired by African and diaspora cultures. Focusing on travel as a means of learning about cultures, G.Culture promotes free-spiritedness and freedom.

The client came to SpellBrand with a simple requirement – create an iconic logo design and brand identity that would look modern, slick and still tie back to the African roots. We started the process of discovery for this client by researching Adinkra symbols which are ubiquitous in Ghana, a beautiful West African country on the Atlantic, situated between Cote d’Ivoire and Togo. On cloth and walls, in pottery and art, these Asante tribe symbols can be found everywhere.

We then created a primary logo design with the company initials G and C enclosed in a circle. The circle is broken on the top and bottom with two secondary icon symbols that we created. These symbols also form independent secondary brand marks to be used on package branding, on t-shirts and more. We also created a beautiful brand pattern using Adinkra symbols.

african streetwear apparel business card design

We extended the primary logo and the official brand pattern into the Facebook cover image design to create a striking visual. Social media cover images are crucial in creating engagement with your target audience and your brand identity must be used to create a cohesive look.

african streetwear apparel Facebook cover image design

If you weren’t aware of this already, streetwear has taken over the fashion industry. Many people are still under the assumption that streetwear and urban wear are just niche markets within fashion. However, the fact of the matter is that the streetwear market is valued at over $80 billion in the United States and over $175 billion world-wide. Fashion shows, Instagram feeds, retail stores, online shops, and everything in between are absolutely full of street fashion. And there’s no signs whatsoever that this upwards trend is changing direction anytime soon.

This growth in the market has prompted hundreds of start-up streetwear brands to make their way into the market place. And oftentimes, these small brands are solely working online, thanks to the explosion of digital marketing and the popularity of social media in the fashion world. But the questions come when these brands look to set themselves apart as unique fashion companies. How could they possibly set themselves apart from the competition? Below are some quick tips for any of you fashion entrepreneurs out there:

Work with Influencers:

If you don’t have a strategy for working with social media content creators and influencers, then you’re missing out. Influencer marketing is taking over digital marketing and is a great way for you to show off your products to a larger market. Influencers can exponentially increase your customer base in a short amount of time.

Get a Good Website:

Customers want to be able to head to a website and be able to shop for everything they want without any trouble. This goes double whenever you’re a streetwear company. Make sure that your site is fast to run on mobile and everything works just how it should.

Work with other Streetwear Brands:

Collaborations are a fantastic way to get the word out about your budding fashion brand. You can work with larger brands or other small fashion brands on design collaborations or other types of projects for promotional purposes.

Even though G.CULTURE plans on doing all of these things, they still thought they were missing something when they came to speak with our design and branding team. This client of ours wanted to seriously set themselves apart from the other many competitors they were facing. When they told us this, the answer was pretty clear – they needed a strong and professional logo. Whenever you’re a startup fashion brand, it’s crucial that you put your best foot forward when presenting yourself to customers and other brands. The first step towards achieving that comes when you have a great logo that everyone can remember your brand by.

G.CULTURE is a pretty unique streetwear company. They infuse African cloth print into their streetwear designs to not only promote travel to African countries, but also the enjoyment of other cultures and their beauty. The logo we designed for them promotes G.CULTURE as an edgy and trendy streetwear brand. It’s a very simple and urban design that includes GC surrounded by a disjointed circle.

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