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Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Menu Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

When Mike Yaris decided to launch a Premium American Bistro in lower Manhattan, he knew he had to start with a robust brand strategy and visual language that would set the tone of his bistro restaurant and tell the right brand story to the young financial wizards of Wall Street – his target market.

Mike is a chef extraordinaire having worked in the best steakhouses in New York since 2005. He has mastered the skill of a great steak and wants to take this skill and offer a relaxed and friendly place for the stressful Wall Street workers to chow down on a juicy steak or spicy chicken skewers. Patrons get free high-speed internet, free beer with their meals and also has plans for a takeout and office delivery system.

We worked with Mike to fine tune and distill the brand story and the positioning strategy so that the messaging was right on target and connects with the target audience. We also established the overall tone of the visual elements as well as the messaging.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Menu Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Identity: We created a logo design that is simple, elegant and sophisticated. We wanted to hint that this was a bistro and not an ancient steakhouse – there are plenty of them around New York city. The logo is a little untraditional and does not have a boundary although it looks like an emblem. We decided not to enclose the logo in a circle of any sort. At the top of this bistro logo design you see the slogan “Premium American Bistro”. Below that is the brand mark or icon of two crossed meat cleavers with 3 stars on top.

Below the icons is the name of the bistro “Meat Cleaver” in a whimsical, fun and vintage looking typographic treatment followed by Manhattan in a bold font. Below that is “2014” and below that is “Breakfast & Dinner”.

The logo is quite stunning when superimposed on dark backgrounds and creates an awesome tie in with the bistro name and the tone that it wants to set. We also extended this branding on to the bistro menu, coasters, napkins, letterheads and more.

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