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Shure Bakehouse business card Design
Shure Bakehouse Logos

Brand Story

Shure Bakehouse is a bread artisan/baker, maker of delicious hand made breads and goods. Mostly known for cinnamon braid loaves made with butter, cinnamon and sugar, all natural ingredients along with biscotti, cookies and some cakes. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, gourmet breads or pastries to complement an at-home meal, you can expect superior ingredient quality and excellent customer service.Using traditional baking methods, genuine locally grown organic ingredients and old ceramic ovens, this authentic bakery produces heart warming bread that is popular in not only their local community but is slowly gaining momentum from other parts of the state.

Located in Santa Fe, Shure Bakehouse came to SpellBrand to help them create a simple and iconic logo that focused on wheat.


Shure Bakery


Santa Fe

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity

Brand Solution: The creative logo design team at SpellBrand came up with a bunch of different design directions with brand image icons that stand out, that are different but don’t necessarily have to be identified with one of those elements of baking – except for a chaff of wheat.The client chose the final design seen on this page which places emphasis on the name in bold modern font type with a minimalistic iconic design of a chaff of wheat and enclosed by a rustic looking hand drawn frame. The words “Santa Fe” are at below the company name in all small letters.

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