Children’s Clothing Retailer Logo Branding

children's clothing retailer logos

Client Details

Client: WizzKids Clothing Co.

Location: New York, NY

Challenge: WizzKids Clothing Co. is an online retailer of children’s clothing. Started in 1982 in New York, the brand went through ups and downs from being a successful children’s clothing brand to almost closing down and then again rebounding.

For their relaunch and rebranding logo design and brand identity they had a simple brief – to create a logo design for their children’s clothing brand that would not only appeal to the children but also sit well with the parents.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Label Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution: Although the brief was simple, creating a logo that works well with such a diverse target audience is quite a difficult task. But at SpellBrand difficult tasks are eaten for breakfast! From our research and brainstorming we decided that we would have a cute animal as the iconic focus. Further more we wanted to relate to the “wizz” part of the brand name.We narrowed down the choice of animals to a penguin (penguin’s are famous for being intelligent even when they are young etc) and an own (an own standing for wisdom and intelligence and always represented so). We created several designs based on these motifs and the client chose the kangaroo icon as the final design.

The design has multiple layers and meanings attached to each layer. The challenge was to present so many design elements while still keeping the design simple and elegant. So, we used thin lines and white space to create a roomy looking logo. The logo itself is an emblem like design with a circular stamp on the outside with a broken circle with two half immediately after that. Inside the circle, on the top is the name “Clothing Co”. Below that is a cure owl icon with a ribbon to work as an abstract crest. Flanking the owl icon are the words “Est. 1982”. Below the owl icon is the brand name and below that is “New York”.

The overall design is one of cuteness, elegance and meaning and works well with both the children and the parents equally!

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