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If you’re a woman and a shopper, then guess what? You’re part of the largest consumer demographic in the world! It’s been estimated that around 70% to 80% of all shopping decisions are either made or influenced by women. It’s incredible to think about how much of an influence women have on the $24 trillion industry that is fashion retail. This definitely means great things for those brands who are looking to target a specifically female market.

Client: Dubai Fashion Retailer

Type Of Project: Complete Brand Identity

Client Location: Dubai, UAE

However, with such a high level of competition on the marketplace at the moment, it’s tough for small companies to get their foothold and really find success. Small businesses and start-ups are rising and falling every single day. The incredible rate of technological change has made it both easy to get into the marketplace, but also easier to be left behind. That’s why every business needs to keep the following things in mind when starting out:

  • Get Your Digital Game Going: The focus of your marketing needs to be honed into the digital world. If you simply focus on traditional methods of marketing, you’re not going to get very far. Make sure to work on those social media accounts and start engaging with both normal customers and working with larger social media influencers. Get that website off of the ground and make it easier for your customers to shop. Start up an email-list where you can send discounts and various deals.
  • Learn About Content Marketing: In addition to being completely digital, your marketing should be focused around content. And this content can come in the form of many things – blog posts, videography, design, social media posts, photography, etc. Make sure to create content that engages your customer beyond just buying things in your store once.

Another huge thing to keep in mind is the branding of your store. How do you expect to get customers through your door when you don’t have a strong identity as a business? Every single brand needs to have a logo that customers can point to and say, “Oh! That store looks interesting. Let’s go check it out!” or “Hmm, I recognize that logo from somewhere. Maybe I’ve shopped there before!”

Love Shop Pray came to Spellbrand with the question of how exactly to do this. This Dubai fashion retailer brand identity client of ours focuses on retail for fashion garments, accessories, art, and many other items in a concept store in Dubai. They are directly targeting contemporary women in Dubai who are looking for everything from bejeweled tops from Italy, perfumes from Paris, earrings from Capri, art from India, soy candles from Australia, and everything in between.

The words “Love Shop Pray” come directly from Preeti Chandra, the founder of the store. These are the three things that are most important to her, so that’s the basis from which our design and branding team worked off of. The logo they created is simple and abstract, in the form of a heart with lines running through it at various points. When customers see the logo, they will know that this is a shop where they can find everything their heart desires.

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