Christian Ministry Clothing Logo Design

Any retail company that wants to break into the clothing market is going to find themselves with a tough journey ahead of them. There are so many retail companies on the marketing, vying for the wallets of consumers. Add to that the fact that the face of the retail industry is changing dramatically and you’ve got to really spend your time wisely in developing a strong marketing plan to reach consumers.

Client: Church Ministry Clothing Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Washington DC

Take a look at the playing field at the moment. Last Black Friday in 2016, it was found that Amazon was the leader in seven out of eleven categories of sales for various products. Amazon and other large online retailers like it are slowly, but surely, taking over physical retail in a seismic way. Looking at consumers, they are also starting to shop for more of their products (including clothes) online and on their smartphones. Over half of Americans prefer shopping online for most, if not all, of their products. And almost all of Americans with access to the Internet have made an online purchase in their lifetime. These consumers want to buy online and any retail company needs to be prepared to meet that desire.

Now, what if you’re in a very specific niche market for retail? That makes things a little bit more complicated. For example, take our client Bold Faith, LLC who is a start-up company and Christian ministry with the main goal of offering high-quality and inspirational faith-based apparel and accessories to young men and women. They are solely operating in the world of the Internet through their online store, so all sales will come through there. Their target market is mainly teens and young adults aged 15 to 34 years old who mainly live in an urban environment.

The products that Bold Faith plans on selling include quality graphic tees, comfortable hoodies, fancy tote bags, and stylish mobile phone covers. All designs for their clothes and accessories are going to be creative, trendy, and bold, while at the same time promoting a vibrant Christian lifestyle that honors God and others.

Now, as you might guess, the Christian retail industry is pretty sizeable, but still a niche market. That’s why Bold Faith came to our branding and design team at SpellBrand to figure out how to set themselves apart from the competition. Of course, the first step towards developing a strong brand identity comes in the form of your brand’s logo. The whole brand message that Bold Faith wants to promote is that they are an innovative and trendy fashion brand with Christian teachings at the center of everything they do.

Our team came up with a badge-like logo that shows this message clearly. The badge vibes well with the Christian message of Bold Faith, as it feels more like a faith-based logo than others. In addition to that, the logo is sharp and contemporary, which shows customers that this is a brand that will definitely provide them with the high-quality clothing items they’re looking for.

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