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Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Cacao Nature

Location: Switzerland

Cacao Nature is a chocolate company that creates healthy dark chocolate products by sourcing the highest grade cacao and ensuring the highest quality right from the moment the Cacao bean is carefully planted and cultivated, right up to the moment it is crafted into the delicious chocolates that it sells wholesale and to retail.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

By sourcing the ingredients from the origin, Cacao Nature creates a unique blend of authenticity and taste that rivals the best in the world. To help the company brand itself successfully and to match it’s product promise, Cacao Nature approached SpellBrand. The brief was simple and succinct. We had to create a simple logo that not only worked well on the various packaging but also communicated the right kind of message.

We considered the authentic nature of the company along with the fact they source the highest grade ingredients from the origin and decided to go for an emblem like logo design that looked vintage and modern at the same time. We tried out several different layout options and font treatments and finally settles on the chocolate bar style of emblem with a modern font.

The emblem itself, with out any embellishments was the design. Although some of the initial design concepts had images of the cacao beans and hints of chocolate, we realized that the brand did not need any such cliched imagery to carry it across. A simple and elegant design emphasizing the medley of vintage and modern was the key. Click here for other examples of food and beverage logo designs we have created in the past.

Here is the logo letter pressed on hand out cards that the client includes in the packaging that is sent out to customers who order online from their website.

Here are some mock up packaging that we created for the client for the Swiss Chocolate market. The Earthy color palette and the grungy design was deliberate to enable the client’s chocolates stand out from the competition in the Swiss supermarket shelves. These chocolate bars looked stunning and really created a great impact on display.

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