3D Character Design & Development

3D Character Rendering With Maya

Client Details

Client: PreciBake

Location: New York, NY

Challenge: You can read more about the Brand Identity development we did for our client PreciBake in our previous case study. In this case portfolio item, we show case the stunning 3D character we created for our client from the mascot design that we originally created in 2D.

Services Provided

3D Character Design

Brand Strategy

We started with pencil sketches of the baguette character showing different styles and attitudes. The client selected the character that looked more like a baguette and also had an abstract “B” which is the first letter of the character’s name: Bernie!

We then created the inked and digitized version with stunning colors and effects. The client was so happy with the final mascot design that they commissioned SpellBrand to create a 3D version that can be used effectively in a series of animated promo videos where the character would tell the brand story in an effective and compelling way.

The initial 2D character was sketched by hand and then the digital vector version was created in Adobe Illustrator.

We used Photoshop to create the initial gray models and then added color and texture to create this amazing looking character that brings the humble baguette to life!

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