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How To Build Luxury Brand Service

How To Build A Luxury Brand (#1) – SERVICE

By Branding, Branding Strategy
In today’s episode I look at a client’s question about how a brand can define itself as a luxury brand. There is no set definition of luxury. Ask your clients what Luxury means to them – it is all about perception. In different countries and cultures, luxury is defined differently : for example would you consider Lacoste to be a luxury brand? In the US, perhaps not. But in China, it is!

First of all “premium” does not mean luxury and luxury does not always means premium. Most people think luxury to be “expensive” but that is not the case.
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brand value proposition

Brand Value Proposition

By Branding, Branding Strategy
In a recent post on launching your clothing line brand, one of the most critical elements of a brand that I wrote about was Brand Value Proposition. Most businesses do not really understand or are not even aware of this concept. Understanding it and applying it to your business will help your business ascend to the next level like how one of our clients used the message of positiveness to stand apart from the crow.

Because of the sheer volume of product and service providers in virtually every market category, most businesses are now commoditized. The competition in every segment is fierce and because the customers have so much choice, it would be quite fatal to believe that customers would beat a path to your door and buy what you are offering. Read More

Charge up Your Brand with Contests

Charge up Your Brand with Contests

By Branding Strategy, Featured
Contests are a great sales and marketing tool. Not only because they’re good for the brand, but because they’re good for the customer.

Customers love having the chance to win those big prizes—it’s the same thrill they get when playing the lottery or gambling, but with less social stigma and guilt involved. This is because (depending on the mechanics) they’re not just buying a paper ticket—they’re buying a product that they’re actually going to use, and a chance for greater rewards beyond that. Even if the customer doesn’t win, they’ve still gotten a neat product out of the exchange.

Brands get the better end of the deal by far. Well-run contests manage to do multiple things at once, all of which are extremely beneficial to the brand:
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brand collapse

Signs of a Possible Brand Collapse

By Branding, Branding Strategy

Given the challenges that brands face these days, more have become more vulnerable to collapse. It is a very depressing event for any business owner to see his or her brand fall down, most especially if the brand has been in the market for several decades already. Building a brand may take several years of hardwork and creativity, but it may just take a few minutes to bring a brand in distress. This is what makes this unbearable for most company owners. Everything is possible and business owners should always be prepared on how to combat this unfortunate situation. Understanding the early signs of a collapse can help companies do necessary measures to avoid it.
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how to build brand loyalty

How To Build Brand Loyalty

By Branding Strategy

Brand loyalty is an essential component of success in small business. It’s important not just that people identify with your brand, but that they feel committed to your company. Luckily, there are ways for you to build this type of loyalty without spending a fortune on marketing.

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