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If your business has multiple brands or sub-brands, over a period of time, it becomes quite a challenge to implement consistent branding that renders each sub-brand unique and still ties it in to the family.

In this post, we look at a case study of how we helped created a family branding for a company with multiple sub-brands and how we used effective visual language to create a brand identity that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


You may be wondering why a family of sub-brands should have consistent branding? Don’t they all need to be unique and independent? If one of the sub-brands gets tarnished, would the rest of them not get affected? If the target audience is quite different for each of the sub-brands, should the branding be also quite different and targetted?

Great questions. Let us address each of them.


Branding is about positioning. It is about differentiation. It is about aligning with the target audience and communicating the brand story. However, it is also about elevating the business in the marketplace. It is about moving the business from a red ocean towards a Blue Ocean.

To enable this transition to the Blue Ocean, a brand needs to look and feel like a consistent entity. This means, all facets of the brands – including the sub-brands, need to look and feel like they are part of a well-oiled machine. This inspires confidence and brand recall. It creates brand loyalty.


Yes, sub-brands need to look and feel unique and should have their own independent brand positioning strategy. However, by having a subtle thread that ties them back to the parent brand or the family of sub-brands, each sub-brands benefits from the elevation of the brand status. You can create identities that are unique and still have a subtle nod to the main brand.


Yes that could be a risk. But on the other hand, it creates an air of accountability for the sub-brands and the stake holders involved during decision making to ensure that the parent brand does not get tarnished. In fact, having a unified brand manifesto ensures that all brand properties abide by the fundamental brand values and vision. You could mitigate this risk via brand refresh but that is not ideal.


Yes, that is correct. However, we are not taking about a “homogenous” branding or identities. We are talking about consistency and a thread of DNA propogating amongst the various sub-brands.

Energy Sector Provider Logo & Brochure Design


Rather than go into a lengthy explanation of how you can create a main brand identity and then extend it to the sub-brands, I decided to show you a case study of a client we worked with for whom we created a clever identity mechanism that works well for the parent brand and the sub-brands.

INDOSPEC is a leading technology provider and supplier in energy sector covering oil and gas industry, mechanical electrical plumbing, PV power generation, energy management solution and property industry. Based out of Indonesia, INDOSPEC has an international presence and clients from around the world.


The sub-brands of this company include market segments in contracting, solar energy, oil, gas, electricals and property. The primary brand identity of the parent company INDOSPEC was structured in such a way that the core businesses are showcased as elements of the primary logo design. This includes an overall power symbol enclosing elements of oil, gas and water.

The primary logo design is simple and elegant while also a little familiar to create brand recall.


IDS researches and designs, produces in many countries, and markets directly to operators, a complete line of chemicals and fluid systems to drill, complete, workover, cement, stimulate and produce oil, gas, geothermal and water wells. In addition, IDS provides engineering services and a full line of laboratory testing equipment to ensure the proper utilization of its chemicals and fluid systems.

IDS is one of the most experienced and well-established service and supply companies in the international market. IDS’s list of satisfied customers includes virtually all of the multinational and national oil and gas companies around the world.

Design Structure

For the sub-brands we created a layout and structure that can then have various elements related to the business and sector so that they would look unique but the shape and layout would be the DNA thread of the family of brands.

For this sub-brand, since it is in the drilling sector for oil and chemicals, we have a drilling machine with a dop of oil/chemical – that also resemblems the drop element fron the parent logo design above.

Drilling Services Logo & Brochure Design


Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, solar architecture and artificial photosynthesis.
Solar technologies are broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar depending on the way they capture, convert and distribute solar energy. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the energy. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the Sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air.

INDOSPEC Solar addresses the problems of electric lighting needs for coastal communities or marginal areas in Indonesia, hereby we offer practical solutions of solar power. Solar power is perfectly suited for remote homes, fishermen, floating cages, etc. The Form and packaging of solar panel are well integrated, practical, very easy in delivery and installation.

Design Structure

For this sub-brand, we decided to keep the logo design simple and the same hexagon shape houses sun rays to relate to solar energy. The hexagon logo also has a grid of negative space to indicate solar panels.

Solar Energy Company Branding & Brochure Design
Solar Energy Company Branding & Brochure Design


INDOSPEC Properti provides support, strategy and implementation strategies for companies in the real estate and property sector by by capable human resources, supplier and operation to reach satisfied project execution.

Design Structure

For this sub-brand, the hexagon shape is made up of elements of a house logo icon enclosed by a roof. This logo not only hints at property development but also about safety, security and trust.

indonesia property branding 1
Indonesia Property Services Logo Design
Indonesia Property Services Logo Design


PT. gaya elektrikal was established in 1970 as a pioneed in the field of mechanical and electrical contractor, and suppliers.

PT. Gaya Elektrika is engaged in services and supply electrical and mechanical equipment such as:

  1. Power plant – PT. gaya elektrika provides maintenance and repairing services for power plant equipment such as generators , compressors , and electrical motors.
  2. Power distribution – With the rapid growth of population in Indonesia, the demands of a network power source have also increased.  PT. gaya elektrika provides installation services of electrical distribution line.
  3. Street lighting – Competence in the field of services to install and maintenance street lighting using green energy solar panels.
  4. Oil and gas facilities – We are able to design electrical and mechanical  to facilitate in oil & gas projects , procurement of electrical and mechanical equipment , and installing electrical and mechanical equipment in oil & gas field.

GAYA core experience

– Installing monoblock power cable Kamojang geothermal project

– Installing monoblock power cable Dieng geothermal project

– Installing street lighting in panam street , Pekanbaru Riau ( 12km )

– Supply transformers , electrical panels , and UPS for Jambi Sultan Taha (PT Angkasa Pura 2 )

– Supply and installing solar street lighting for Soekarno -Hatta airport in cengkareng ( outer temple 2 )

– Lighting installation in the IPB campus

– Supply and installing electrical work in sentraland Semarang ( in proccess )

Design Structure

For this sub-brand, the hexagon shape is made up of two elements – a cog wheel and an electric bolt to signify the inner workings of the electric sector.

Electrical Logo Design | Electric Logo Design | Electronics Logo Design
Electrical Contractor Logo & Brochure Design
Mechanical & Electrical Contractor Logo & Brochure Design


Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. Renewable energy replaces conventional fuels in four distinct areas: electricity generation, hot water/space heating, motor fuels, and rural (off-grid) energy services.

Like incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and CFL), LED lights come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time; the life of fluorescent lighting is also reduced by frequent switching on and off. Initial cost of LED is usually higher. Degradation of LED dye and packaging materials reduces light output to some extent over time.

GeGreen is committed to creating LED lighting solutions.

Design Structure

For this sub-brand, the hexagon shape is made up of two elements – leaves and an electric bolt. This logo design tells the story of the eco-friendly lighting solutions around the world.

Green Energy Branding & Brochure Design
Green Energy Branding & Brochure Design


PT. Indospec has capacity and capability to supply and install mechanical and electrical equipment in building:

  • All Electrical equipment Installation ( Cable, Transformer, Genset, Lighting etc )
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning System ( HVAC )
  • Elevator, Escalator and Travelator
  • Plumbing
  • Water Treatment and waste water treatment
  • Fire Protection System
  • CCTV, Sound System, MATV etc

Design Structure

For this sub-brand, the hexagon shape is made up of two elements – electric circuit and mechanical gears. This logo design tells the story of contracting and efficiency.


INDOSPEC is committed to helping Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), facilities managers, integrators, value-added resellers and other energy professionals to help businesses across a range of industries cut costs, manage energy proactively, improve operational performance and increase efficiency and profitability.

INDOSPEC Energi Solusi is a company engaged in services and products for the control of energy consumption include:

  • Energy Management / Monitoring Systems by which clients can monitor the profile of their energy consumption, and gives them the ability to determine what actions are effective to reduce energy consumption . To enable this we have partnered with Dexma Energy Manager and utilize their Enterprise Energy Management Software tools.
  • Consulting services to optimize the use of energy and to further in order to obtain a reliable energy supply and optimized for corporate clients through a variety of means/procedures such as the use of products, energy-saving technologies and the integration of various energy sources. We make this happen by a good mix of conventional energy sources as well as non – conventional energy sources such as renewable.
  • Development and production of energy-saving devices, such as LED lighting, automation devices to control energy consumption etc.
  • Development , production, and implementation of new and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells etc.
  • Providing financial assistance to a client for the implementation of energy savings in client companies through a lease-purchase

Design Structure

For this sub-brand, the hexagon shape is made up of two elements – negative space of arrows and an electric bolt. This logo design tells the story of the energy solutions around the world.

Indonesia Energy Solutions Logo Design
Indonesia Energy Solutions Logo Design
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