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The Everyman Brand Archetype

The Everyman brand archetype wears its feelings on its sleeve. They often have unresolved psychic wounds and never hesitate to make that known.

They often feel betrayed, and they can be suspicious of others. The Everyman can be cynical and manipulative.

The Everyman archetype brands try and appeal to the common man and their pain points. They want their audience to feel like that they are on the same side. This is not empathy but rather a “team” or “tribe” strategy play.

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Color: Ivory

Brand Promise: Value

Goal: Show you understand.

Strategy: Be the best for a fair price.

Personality to project: the regular guy, the guy next door, the guy who ‘gets It.’

Ideal Customer: The everyman appeals to consumers who just want value. They don’t want to peruse long, complex copy, and they don’t care to compare the features of multiple products. They just want a solution at a good value. These customers can be quite loyal once they find your brand…if you keep your quality consistent. That’s the catch: they want quality and value.



Quite vulnerable to competition, can be hard to differentiate from competitors, in constant danger of becoming irrelevant.

Suggested Color Palette

This is just a suggested palette. Colors should be selected based on a robust brand strategy and should be part of the brand identity development.

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everyman brand archetype images


walmart logo

Wal-Mart worked hard to create an image for itself as the one-stop-shopping solution for the regular person. Their philosophy of housing almost every product imaginable under one roof was a new concept at the time, but the company found success through telling and popularizing the story of its creator, Sam Walton—just one of the guys.


ebay logo

eBay, in its early days, put a big emphasize on the fact that the platform allowed users to sell  items they no longer wanted. Their your trash is another person’s treasure message resonated with pretty much everyone.


gap logo

America’s biggest clothing retailer, Gap made a name for itself by going in the opposite direction of more exclusive brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Their messaging and brand persona insulates them from recession because they have wide appeal.