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The Ruler Brand Archetype

The Ruler, as you might guess, is a leader. Their priority is to bring order. The ruler is quite, but they may come across as a perfectionist. This isn’t a bad thing if they can consistently project an air of competence and can back that up. The ruler naturally wants everyone to follow their lead.

The Ruler brand archetype is driven by its strength and power. Ruler brands build a reputation for speaking authoritatively. They aggressively utilize whatever channels are available to further this perception. That may include content marketing, or it may take the form of thought leadership or both. Ruler brands are associated with wealth and success. They’re often portrayed as masculine, but this is definitely not a requirement.

They use their might to bring order to chaos, providing straightforward solutions to consumer problems. They promise their customers the ability to change their lives.

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Brand Promise: Self-actualization

Goal: To bring order to chaos.

Strategy: Systematic expression of power to achieve an end goal.

Personality to project: peacemaker, conductor, power broker.

Ideal Customer: Anyone who is likewise dominant and who isn’t afraid to take bold action. These are people who won’t settle. They demand the best of the best.



Weakness: Can be seen as stodgy, out of date or unyielding.

Potential solutions:

• From time to time, go out of your way to come up with new, innovative products or services.

• Occasionally, do the unexpected. If you never put your products on sale, consider holding a ‘one-time sales event.’

• Utilize social media marketing to engage with new demographics.

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Suggested Color Palette

This is just a suggested palette. Colors should be selected based on a robust brand strategy and should be part of the brand identity development.

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mercedes benz logo design x

Their slogan, ‘The best or nothing,’ says it all. Few people would buy a Mercedes because of its crash test rating, gas mileage or even for the heated seats. Ultimately, people buy Mercedes because the brand is exclusive. 

When you roll up in a Mercedes, the folks around you instantly have an idea of your financial status. You don’t have to say a word. That quiet projection of power is what a ruler brand is all about. 


rolex logo x

Rolex projects the impression that those who wear their watches are winners. Their ads tell stories of success and pride. Wearing a Rolex announces your status and your percieved power.

By keeping the brand exclusive and expensive, Rolex managed to attract the Ruler type of people and hence align with their archetype. This in turn gave Rolex it’s own archetypal flavor.