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creator brand archetype

The Creator Brand Archetype

The Creator brand archetype main priority is to express their creativity. Compared to the Ruler, they are quite laid back. They love novelty and they love to create new combinations. The creator is clever, self-sufficient and they chafe at any sort of imposed conformity.

Creator brands are visionaries. They seem to exist to innovate. They are non-conformist to the extreme and always strive to come across as authentic. These brands wear this desire on their sleeve. Creator brands are often in the technology, marketing or design spaces, but this is not always the case.

They exist to empower creative consumers.

The go-to example is Apple, but let’s look at a few others.

Brand Promise: Originality 

Goal: To innovate.

Strategy: To develop and refine artistic expression.

Personality to project: The artisan, the innovator or the inventor. 

Ideal Customer: These folks shun traditional advertising. They enjoy novel experiences. These customers are very loyal to a creative brand.


Weakness: Can be seen as aloof, out of touch or unrefined 

Potential solutions: 

• Consider a lower cost, lower price product for the everyman demographic. 

• Conversely, consider a high-end, polished and refined version of an existing product. 

• Use social media marketing to—tactfully—let people know that you’re in touch with current events and societal issues—but avoid politics 

Suggested Color Palette

This is just a suggested palette. Colors should be selected based on a robust brand strategy and should be part of the brand identity development.

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Honda has long been known for its out of the box thinking. It enjoys a strong reputation for its high-quality engines and cars, but it began as an innovator in the motorbike space. Their advertisements play off of their innovative history, and their fans tend to be quite loyal. 

The brand is well known for its innovative marketing, as these commercials demonstrate.  



In 2017, Lego was named most powerful brand in the world. Think about that for a minute. What does Lego do, really? They produce small plastic blocks, and they make kits out of those blocks. But Lego is much more than that to a lot of people. For many, Lego is part of their identity and part of their childhood. Lego is a prime example of the Creator archetype.

When you buy Lego, you know you’re getting the highest quality plastic block available, but you also know that the kit you’re buying has been well thought out.


Adobe logo x

Adobe has redefined itself. The company has always produced tools for creatives, from their legendary Photoshop application to Illustrator. But recently, they shifted to a cloud-based, subscription model. This makes them more agile, and it allows them to develop features for their flagship products faster than they could otherwise. While not everyone is a fan of their new subscription model, there’s no doubt that this creator brand is still going strong.