Rookie Collection Apparel Branding

Rookie Collection Apparel is poised to launch high street wear, starting in New York and then extending into the rest of the US. With so much noise in the streetwear market segment and having a strong desire to stand out and gain in share right off the bat, RCA approached SpellBrand for a positioning strategy and visual branding.

Working in the Apparel and Fashion industry for such a long time, we at SpellBrand are in tune with the pulse of this industry and understand what it takes to really stand out and create brand recall. Since the client wanted to tackle the ever crowding segment head on, we needed to create a strategy that did away with the cliches of street wear marketing and came up with some fresh ideas.


Rookie Collection


New York

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Clothing Label Design

Brand Solution: The visual identity including the brand mark needed to be bold and fresh. We created a stylized emblem of an eagle and used green color to really set the brand apart. There is a mix of seriousness and playfulness in the logo. On the one hand you have the serious looking eagle icon that is sharp and edgy and on the other we have the font and the pendant design that looks fun and relaxed.

The choice of font also quite fun and retro looking. Creating an emblem like logo design may be considered as a trend but the choice of the layout really depends on what the brand wants to communicate and as you can see with this design, it can be done tastefully and with a fresh perspective.

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