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Stunning Brand Identity Design

Laura Garrick Photography is a London based photography studio run by Laura Garrick who graduated from Glasgow School of Art, with a BA (Hons) Photography in 2008 and launched a studio that is gaining popularity in the UK.

Right off the bat, the brand strategy for this client was to position the studio as a unique voice with a real passion for perfection in their work and a promise to capture their client’s journey perfectly. To translate this into a visual identity we created a logo mark that is simple yet highly creative. The brand icon is shaped like an abstract camera and is made up of the client’s initials. The result is a sublime logo design and brand identity.

Stunning Website Design

The client wanted a photography studio website that stood apart from the usual white color based websites that other photography studios seemed to gravitate towards.

We created a stunning website that is on brand and presents the client as a unique voice in the noisy landscape of photography studio websites. Emphasising on user experience, we created a layout that is beautifully responsive and creates the right impact.

Beautiful Galleries

We created a stunning website with beautiful galleries. Each gallery is simple and elegant with either a grid layout or a mouse hover reveal style layout. This enables the users to engage with the website and explore it with out getting overwhelmed.

Elegant Pricing Page

The pricing page was created with conversion in mind and present the pricing options in a clear and impactful way. The bold colors make it easy to navigate and order.

Each page is crafted beautifully with care and passion. The use of the brand colors, beautiful typography, presentation of photos and the uncluttered navigation all make for a beautiful website.

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