Pan-African (Nigeria) Logo Design & Website

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Client Details

Client: Jobec Pan-African Consulting (JPC)

Location: London, UK | Lagos, Nigeria

Challenge: Jobec Pan-African Consulting (JPC) is a business consulting company based in Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria, focusing on the mantra of Pan-Africanism in the services it delivers. Focused on the ideology of Pan-Africanism, JPC aims to unite Africans not just in its home country Nigeria and home continent Africa, but also around the world through its consulting services.

Young Dynamic Entrepreneur Christian Elemele is the Founder of JPC, born in Frankfurt, Germany. Christian handled the Trade Finance Project of Greenwich Associates, which enabled him to gain an expansive knowledge on financial markets, products and services.

When Christian wanted to turn his vision into realty he came to SpellBrand to help create the brand identity and a stunning new website.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Label Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

JOBEC Website Built On Bootstrap Framework

  • Pan-African Nigeria Website and Branding

Brand Solution: Each of the components of the JPC logo pertains to the core values and services of JPC. The sun, prominently placed on the approximate location of Nigeria in Africa, represents hope and the aforementioned nation as the focus of JPC, while the sunrays represents the distribution of focus across Africa as well, hence the representation of Pan-Africanism. Each of the colored slices of the logo separated by the sunrays and aggregately resembling the African continent pertains to the fields JPC focuses on.

Pan-African Philosophy: Solidarity among Africans has formed the core principle of Pan-Africanism, which in turn aims to promote political, social and economic progress in Africa. By uniting Africans around the world, Pan-Africanism stresses that Africa will experience a progressive change in its political, social and political landscape. The assertion that unity among people of African descent could reform Africa reflects the erstwhile unfortunate situation of many African nations today, primarily characterized by endemic poverty and seemingly endless factional conflicts. Yet, asserting Pan-Africanism requires more than just enshrining it as a doctrine; fruitful actions are necessary to produce the results associated with Pan-African views.

Website Design: The client wanted a fresh looking website that was dimensionally different from most of the Nigerian or Pan-African business related websites. So, we used the Bootstrap framework to create a highly responsive website with HTML 5 and CCS3 effects such as Parallax, Easing and more.The architecture of the website is easy to navigate with bold messaging, stunning and relevant visuals and photos. At the backend, we implemented the Ringgle CMS so the client can easily edit the website and create new pages on the fly as and when required. The code is super Google friendly and we also implemented a lead generation form to enable Jobec Group to attract, convert, close and delight their customers using the Brand Immersion Marketing methodology.

Social Media Branding: We also created branding for Jobec’s social media channels – Facebook and Twitter and ran inbound marketing campaigns to generate more than 900 fans for the Facebook business page and over 10,000 followers on their Twitter page in under one month.

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