London Street-wear Brand Logo Design

Client Details

Client: J.Kuttin, African Inspired – London Designed

Location: London, UK

Challenge: Hitting the niche market segment of African inspired street wear brand in London that merges the cool casual with business street wear, J.Kuttin is out to change the way African men dress in the UK. With a unique sense of cool, swag and business style merging with the casual street wear, J.Kuttin creates designs that make a bold statement. With a tagline “African Inspired. London Designed”, this brand is out to set trends and help reach African professionals reach new heights.

When J.Kuttin wanted a logo that helped them launch the fashion brand in London, they turned to SpellBrand to help them create the right vehicle to market their brand.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Label Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution: The vision of the brand is start with business casual styles and then slowly start introducing bold African prints on t-shirts and backpacks etc with a street wear vibe like Hype, Serge Denimes and Herschel. To enable this broad range of styles, the brand identity needed to be professional and elegant with a bit of fun and casualness – a tough challenge for any design agency.

So, we approached this design with a brand story that we developed centring around “helping African reach new heights” which translated into the visual moniker of “scaling mountains”. We picked the 3 highest mountains in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – 19,563 ft. (5,963 m), Mount Kenya, Kenya – 17,057 ft (5,199 m) and Mount Stanley, Democratic Republic of the Congo – 16,763 ft (5,109 m) created 3 triangles to represent these 3 mountains.

With a very simple iconic design integrated with elegant typography, the logo turned out to represent the brand perfectly and tell the story of the connection between Africa and London in a powerful way. African fashion is quite low profile in London and it is time to change that. Brands such as J.Kuttin who get into the market with a great brand story, designs with style and elegance with deep rooted connections to Africa can change the landscape quite quickly.

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