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Brand Story

FinanceSeer is a multi-dimensional financial modelling application that runs locally on your desktop. Calculations are fast because they happen on the client’s PC. All software updates occur automatically without the need to reinstall software.

FinanceSeer enables Financial Analysts, Controllers, CFOs, bankers and consultants to build and manage sophisticated driver based financial models in order to run rapid what-if scenario analysis across integrated financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow).

When the client wanted a website that reflected their state of the art software, they turned to SpellBrand to help them create a stunning website!


FinanceSeer Financial Modelling Software

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What we did

Brand Strategy, Visual Language, Website Design, Icon Design

Website Solution: As we worked out the brand strategy for FinanceSeer through our discovery process, we decided to go for a bold, flat and modern visual style with lots of white space, clean outlines and using design to establish information architecture. We also created a ton of custom icons that match the branding.

To create the website, we used the Bootstrap framework and built the site on the Ringgle CMS software platform to enable the client to manage and grow their website as their business scales up.

The result is a stunning website that looks and acts beautifully. The smooth scrolling, the bold layouts and colors create the impression of a Fortune 500 brand.

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