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The founder of the business is Chinese but is interested in western cooking and she wants to help Chinese people to easily cook western style food at home, in China, by providing recipes, information and a selection of products. She wants to involve a range of contributors to share their experience and knowledge with other Chinese consumers.

The key point that sets this business apart from competitors is that it makes western cooking accessible to Chinese consumers. To accomplish this, recipes are translated into Chinese, information is provided on cooking western dishes and western cooking products are made available to Chinese consumers through various channels including the website and social media platforms (WeChat, Facebook, Pinterest etc.).

CeeChoo 西厨 (CeeChoo is the phonetic English equivalent of the Chinese characters which roughly means “western kitchen”). The brand aims to make western cooking more accessible to Chinese people. They aim to be a valuable source of information about western food for Chinese people who want to learn to cook western food and share their experiences.

The target customers are mainly well-educated Chinese consumers who are interested in western culture, cooking, and healthy, high-quality food.

To enable this brand to connect well with their target market, the talented team at SpellBrand created a fun and bubbly iconic logo design that brings home the spirit of the brand and the founder.

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