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The Hero Brand Archetype

The Hero brand archetype has unique strength and vitality; they use these assets to fight for virtuous causes.

They’ll go to any lengths to avoid defeat. It’s hard for the hero to lose because they don’t give in.

The hero brand is out to prove their worth. They’re about setting themselves apart by providing bold, direct solutions to identified problems.

The hero brand relies on a wow factor from both its marketing efforts and its product or service. They talk a big game, but they can back it up.

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Color: Vivid green

Brand Promise: Uncommon solutions

Goal: To solve problems.

Strategy: to innovate in a bold, forward-thinking way.

Personality to project: The doer, the problem solver, the calvary.

Ideal Customer: The hero brand attracts customers who value integrity, quality, grit and determination. These customers want their purchasing decisions to put them at the head of the pack.



Can be prone to focusing too much on brand image and not enough on quality. The thin line between showing strength and arrogance is a huge challenge and great care must be taken in messaging.

Suggested Color Palette

This is just a suggested palette. Colors should be selected based on a robust brand strategy and should be part of the brand identity development.

Screenshot at
hero brand archeype images


bmw logo

Take one look at a BMW and you can instantly tell that it was designed with care, engineered to exacting standards and manufactured with quality materials. Look at their brand messaging and it’s clear that they’re always challenging themselves and their customers to do, be and look their best. Note how they’re never afraid to go head to head with their biggest competitor, Mercedes.


nike logo

Just do it. 

This is, perhaps, one of the most brilliant catch phrases of all time. It perfectly exemplifies the company’s philosophy.  Thought doesn’t matter. Action is all that matters. Taking action is at the root of all progress. Every product Nike creates enables athletes to play harder, smarter or longer.


duracell logo

Duracell is the world’s best-selling alkaline battery. While Energizer is well-known for its Energizer Bunny, Duracell was first to the hero battery game. To see how to position yourself as a hero brand, just take a look at their messaging.