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Pinnacle CA has a lot of history. Established over 75 years ago under a different name, the company is a leading Chartered Accounting Firm in greater New York. The family who owns and runs the firm decided it was time for a fresh rebrand with a brand name and identity.

Accountant logo design

Well balanced accountant logos for accountants and CPAs

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Most accountants feel that they have a boring logo design and would like to update their logo but are apprehensive about how their target customers may receive it.

I’ll explain:

The psychological influence that images have on consumers is well documented and you can see its effects throughout the accounting industry.

Many accountants make certain logo choices based on personal preferences of certain colors or images, but this is often a mistake when designing logos for an accounting firm. Whether charted accountants realize it or not, your client will have a psychological and emotional response to many of the things within your design.

So the question is:

What does your logo say to your customers?

When placed in experienced hands, the right accountancy logo can enhance an accountants professional image, and in the wrong hands they can have the complete opposite effect and give the accountant a bad rap.

Here’s the deal:

Creating any accountant logo design is a highly creative process but with accounting identities, the tendency leans more towards a mathematical expression.

The objective for professional accountants would be to find a design firm that can convey the visual expression of the ideas they wish for their clients to have about their services.

But here’s the kicker:

Your brand mark should be a graphical component which imparts exceptional imagery to an accounting business for its products and services in the community.

The company brand helps to set you apart from other entities which include your competition. Your accountancy firm logo should effectively broaden your reach into the international market and introduce the business standard to general public gaining you great notoriety for your amazing work. It’s sometimes best to simply aim at being formal and professional rather than using excessive illustrations in the design.

Just as it is required that the accountant pay extreme attention to detail with numbers, the design should also focus on being clean cut and elegant. You want this design to stick out and make you proud to be represented by it. Therefore, it is very imperative that you find the right design firm to complement your services.

But wait – there’s more:

Perhaps you should ask yourself if your client and you switched roles, would they be pleased as well to refer your company memorabilia to their friends? And this can seem very simple, nonetheless, it can be quite a challenge if not placed with the right priority.

Take the time necessary to find the best competing brands in your market and discuss these variables when creating your next identity.

If you are a larger firm, take the necessary steps to ensure that your marketing representative is aware of what best represents your accounting company in this likeness.

Your logo is meant to make you shine; so every little bit counts when it comes to making sure your accounting business is represented in the right format in every design.

Here are some more examples of account logos on Pinterest that may interest you.