Small Business Resources

Business growth does not happen by itself. It needs to be planned, guided and nurtured or else it will lose its way and wander off into a swamp of uncertainties and get sucked into the quicksand of unfocused objectives. Your business needs to keep growing. An increase in your sales due to the quality of your products and selling technique is fine, but there is always competition at your heels. Here are some resources to help you take your business to the next level.

Most of the articles on small business strategies and success you find in this section were written by our chief brand strategist and serial entrepreneur, Mash Bonigala. Mash has adviced business and brands for over 20 years on how to craft the perfect growth and success strategies.

If you would like to discuss your brand strategy and how to take your business to the next level, schedule a call with Mash.

Small Business Growth Resource

Stories, case studies and anecdotes of small businesses going all out and succeeding against at all odds. These articles will enable you to handle any kind of business situation that your small business faces and come out on top – smiling!

Are You Worried About Starting A New Business?

Creating trust in your clients/customers is one thing, but having confidence in your own self is an entirely different thing and is more crucial than the former. “To be or Not to be!” Hamlet’s [...]

Harley Davidson Gets Back in the Saddle

Few brands are as iconic and unique to American culture as the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson. Their heavy, powerful bikes are instantly recognizable, right down to the throaty roar of [...]

To Snack is H.U.M.A.N.

In this week’s Success Story, I take a look at one company’s efforts to combat obesity. Their success shows that anything is possible when you stay true to your beliefs.

Benbria Blazes a Trail for Customer Service

This week’s Success Story has revolutionized the realm of customer service with an innovative new app that makes it easy to collect and act on customer feedback. Benbria is the brainchild of [...]

Your Complainers are your Best Customers

Complaining customers often get a bad rap. To employees, they can be difficult and unpleasant to deal with. To other customers, complainers ruin the experience for everyone else. And to business [...]

How to Treat Your Brand like a Person

A brand can have such a strong sense of identity that it’s almost possible to think of them as people. And why not? After all, a good brand has his own personality. He has his own voice and [...]

Focus Groups for Focused Products

When it comes to launching new products, businesses cannot afford to take too many risks. A new product represents hundreds of man-hours of research and development, and enormous amounts of money [...]

7 Dangers of Being a Franchiser

So your brand has gotten some serious traction, and is doing so well that you’ve opened it up to franchisees. Congratulations! This is a big milestone for both your brand and yourself. [...]

Crowdsourcing for Small Businesses

Crowdsourcing is one of the most controversial business practices of our time. Here are a few tips for making crowdsourcing work for you.

6 Tips to Surviving a PR Crisis

All businesses are vulnerable to a public relations crisis, no matter what their size or composition. They can come from anywhere...

Impulse Buying and Your Business

Impulse buying, the secret behind instant sales. And surely what works for the physical store and TV ads can surely work online, too.

Ecommerce for Small Businesses

Very small businesses can benefit in huge ways from expanding to the internet, but they have very special needs and considerations in doing so. Here are a few tips for running and marketing your [...]

Offline Branding for the Small Business

Most small businesses deal with people in their communities every day, people who may or may not be online at all. Obviously, there is quite a market to be tapped offline, more so depending on [...]

Five Tips for Maintaining Customer Relationships

Your customer’s relationship with your business is a core part of your brand. This relationship determines whether customers will walk in your doors, buy a product, and return in the future.

How Your Competitors Are Succeeding

An HP survey recently examined small business owners and their marketing plans, looking for trends and changes. Here is a short list of what your competition is doing to find success.

Building a Business, Tweet by Tweet

Many small businesses are looking at Twitter as a way to market themselves and build a brand as well as Using Social Media to Promote Your Website. However, Sean Callahan looked at Twitter and [...]

Marketing through Online Auctions

Many people have a beloved hobby or even just a creative streak. While these people might dream of finding a way to make a living doing what they love, few are brave enough to take the leap.

5 Simple Rules for Small Business Success

Small Business Success: there are many ways to hedge your bets and help your enterprise achieve success. Here are the five top ways you can avoid being another one of the small business failures [...]

Coffee Shop Logo – Keep Business Steaming Hot

What do you need to run a successful coffee shop? Many people would give answers such as a coffee machine, espresso beans, or employees, but a well-designed coffee shop logo or any restaurant [...]

Planning For Small Business Growth

A small business, in fact, any business, is like a child. It needs to grow. If it doesn’t, something is wrong with it and its future prospects are dim. Anyone who has started a business wants it [...]

Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

Business growth does not happen by itself. It needs to be planned, guided and nurtured or else it will lose its way and wander off into a swamp of uncertainties and get sucked into the quicksand [...]

Self Analysis with SWOT

Many years ago SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) was a hot buzzword in Business circles. Like all buzzwords, it has been replaced with newer phrases.

Outsourcing Options for a Small Business

If you tried to learn about outsourcing small business and do it yourself, you would be wasting time that could be more profitably spent elsewhere. So what else can you outsource? Here are a few [...]

Running a Seasonal Business

Not all businesses are busy all year round. Most businesses run in cycles with highs and lows. A seasonal business is particularly affected by this. If your business involves selling holiday [...]

Managing Time – Tips for Business Owners

There’s never enough time. Everyone feels that way. And time is a constant in our lives – it can’t be sped up or slowed down. You have to manage with what you have. The key word here is “manage”, [...]

Using a Business Plan

Small business owners know how to run their businesses. But in the rush of day to day operations, they sometimes forget the bigger picture of their long term goals. To keep the long term focus, [...]

What is Your Profit?

If you run our own business, it is tempting to look at the money you make as your profit. Your income less what you have spent is your profit. Right? Sorry, but no way! Thinking in these terms is [...]

The Need for Common Sense in Online Business

Someone once said that the most uncommon thing is common sense. A lot of people may find this article on common sense in online business an insult to their intelligence. If so, I apologize. In my [...]

Hiring Help in an Online Business

You probably stared your online business alone and you were the CEO and bottle washer. Right? But as your business grows, there will be too much work for one person to handle.

Controlling Your Cash Flow

The reason you have started your online small business is to make cash. There are many aspects of running a profitable online business. Controlling your cash flow is one of the most important. [...]

Startup Business Resources

Launching a startup can be daunting. This collections of articles will help you understand and navigate the complex and scary world of startups. With case studies, tips and reviews, this section covers most common startup issues.

60 Free Design Resources for Entrepreneurs

If you are embarking on a content strategy and creating content for your blog, website or social media channel, you would need photos, images and other creative items to help make them beautiful. [...]

Top 10 FinTech Startup Brands

The fastest growing startups and the ones with the most impact on the business world and a new breed of financial technology startups need new logo designs!

3 Leading Causes Why Most Startups Fail

In this post, I discuss 3 causes that may be overlooked by most people and perhaps not even recognized by some. As a serial entrepreneur myself and having launched 3 successful startups, I can [...]

5 Tips to Overcome Your Startup Problems

Major companies have major problems and minor companies have minor problems. The difference, however, is that major companies seem to deal with their problems more easily than the startups [...]

Saving ‘Startup’ Ryan!

I call this post “Saving ‘startup’ Ryan” because, if Ryan is taken as a straying startup, he is to be saved and brought back to his business home. So if we draw analogies to the film storyline, [...]

How a startup went from $8,000 to $877,000,000!

The story that has taken a Startup worth $8,000 to a mega corporation of $877,000,000. When we read about the huge amounts of profit successful entrepreneurs make, we are overwhelmed on the one [...]

There Is A Space For Every Startup!

Most of the newcomers to the business world feel that their ideas have already been used by others, and so they may not have any scope of doing well if they start on the same ideas. This is not [...]

Not All Startups Are Novices!

When we think of Startups, the first thing that comes to our mind is that a startup always starts with maximum financial constraints and minimum know-how in marketing and branding. In fact Eric [...]

Who’s Running Your Startup?

You! Of course, it is your startup and you own it. The idea is yours; the product or service is yours; the effort put into in bringing that product or service out on to the market is yours (and [...]

Starting A Startup the Lazy Man’s Way

You have a new product or service you think is sure to sell and take over the world. You know your product’s potential, have worked hard on it, have your family and friends supporting you, but [...]

How to Build a Tech Startup Brand Step-by-Step

Do you have the next big tech startup brand? Excellent! Without constant innovation, we would have stale software and a never-ending list of problems waiting to be tackled by someone, someday.