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The objective of M.O.R.E is to promote a message centered on positivity, helpfulness and forgiveness notwithstanding a person's past or present situation. In a sense it is the type of mind we should strive for daily.

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MORE Apparel Wear

Services: Logo Design, Branding, Strategy, Art Direction

Client Location: Tampa, Florida


The name of the brand is M.O.R.E., which is a project (noun) to PROJECT (verb) the convergence of positive message, high quality clothing, Art and Style.


The objective of M.O.R.E is to promote a message centered around positivity, helpfulness and forgiveness notwithstanding a persons past or present situation.

M.O.R.E stands for magnanimous over resentment everyday. I thought magnanimous was great in physical size but magnanimity is to be forgiving, loving and kind etc. which in a sense is still being big but from a psychological perspective.” – Ernest Bannister


The logo symbolic meaning:

Heptagon – The seven sided shape represents the seven days of the week. The illuminated heart – represents the mind of one that has reached or is practicing the principle of magnanimousness. The number 24 in the center of the heart represents the hours in the day that this mindset is being demonstrated.
The first two stick figures – represent a person in need of help and a person symbolizing the trait of magnanimous helping That person.
The line – The line represents the dividing line between the one who is magnanimous and one who is not also represents “Over” part of the acronym.
The bottom stick figures – The bottom stick figures represent the opposite of this stick figures on the top and represents a person in need of help and someone with the ability to help that person with their back towards that person defiantly with their hands folded.

Secondary Brand Mark

We also created a secondary brand mark that can be used on posters, marketing materials, t-shirts, packaging and more.

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