Matcha Tea Café Brand Identity

Matcha Tea Cafe



Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Bistro Brand is an all-day breakfast cafe wants to help people reach their health and wellness goals with their products.

SpellBrand has been absolutely amazing, they have exceeded my expectations with their work. I and my business partners are very happy that we came across them simply because they have talents and knowledge in areas we simply don’t have. Their designs are awesome and I have already recommended them to several people so far 🙂

Brandon LeeMatcha Tea Café
matcha tea cafe branding
matcha tea branding japanese tea
matcha tea cafe branding
matcha tea branding japanese tea
matcha tea cafe branding
matcha tea cafe branding
matcha tea branding japanese tea
matcha tea cafe branding
matcha tea cafe branding
matcha tea branding japanese tea
matcha tea branding japanese tea

The client wants to help people reach their health and wellness goals with their products.

The client will also be donating to organizations against animal cruelty and that support green energy and various other organizations to help with the well-being of animals, the environment, and people.

The client wanted a brand identity that looks premium and luxurious and makes an impact in the matcha tea market segment. The talented team at SpellBrand created a simple logo design that is high impact. With a premium color scheme and gold foil printing suggestions, the brand identity looks uber premium.

If you think of one of the major trends right now, one word probably comes to mind – Matcha. Yes, that’s right! Matcha has slowly, but surely, become one of the trends that both Instagrammers and non-Instagrammers alike are obsessed with. This is large because many consumers are learning about the health benefits that come with matcha and other alternatives to their regular cup of coffee (or cups!).

If you look back at 2014, you can see an over 50% increase in matcha sales in the United States alone. Plus, it’s been estimated that in subsequent years, matcha sales are going to continuously increase about 25% per year! This means that matcha green tea is going nowhere and the industry is just getting stronger and more robust with each passing day. But what does this mean if you’re just starting out your own matcha tea café or matcha-infused products?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Do you think you’re the only entrepreneur who’s thought about capitalizing on this matcha trend? Of course not! There are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses out there who are starting cafes, online stores, and everything in between to make a profit out of the popularity of matcha. When you have this kind of crowded marketplace, it can be seriously tough to separate yourself from the competition. Your brand needs to have a unique value proposition that will bring customers through your doors, rather than straight to your competitors.

This is the question that the Match Tea Café in Baton Rouge was pondering when they asked for our design and branding assistance. With so many other companies taking on matcha, how were they supposed to break apart from the crowd? This particular client of ours knows that they are providing a unique value proposition. Yes, they are selling premium matcha tea and other premium grade teas, just like many other cafes. However, there is a social good aspect to their organization, as well. The Matcha Tea Café will be spending a good portion of its budget on donations to organizations that fight against animal cruelty, that support renewable energy, and generally support the well-being of animals, people, and the environment.

This is definitely something that other brands can’t tout. Not only is this client trying to help people achieve their health and wellness goals – but they’re also trying to help out beyond just that. And of course, when this client approached us, they wanted a logo that clearly portrayed this dedication. They also wanted a brand logo that looked premium, luxurious, and that would stand out from the crowd in the matcha tea market segment.

Well, our talented team at SpellBrand got to work to create a super simple and sleek logo design that’s also high impact. When you look at the logo, you can tell that our team paid special attention to making sure it indeed gave off a premium vibe. The color scheme and gold foil printing say it all – this matcha café is dedicated to providing premium products that will not only make you feel amazing but will help the world be a better place.