Marios Mens Grooming Brand Identity

Luxury gentlemen’s grooming services are making a revival from the good old days of hot towel wet shaves, haircuts and grooming by expert barbers with tradition and heritage.

Marios is a unique gentlemen barber service providing fine grooming to the style conscious gentlemen of New York. With a brand steeped in heritage, Marios came to SpellBrand for a logo and brand identity that would communicate the true luxury privilege that their service offers.

With a heavy focus on creating grooming products using the best ingredients and decades of research and know how, Marios offers more than just a luxury grooming experience. Customers are treated to premium single malt whiskey while they wait. Their shoes are also shined and you can hear vintage music playing in the background. With a well stocked bar and lounge, Marios is a place for the modern gent to getaway!

For Marios, we created a logo that is versatile and can be used in both a circular emblem and a vertical sign layout. This enables the client to use the logo on it’s various grooming products as weak as for general branding.

The logo itself has a vintage look and feel and uses icons of scissors, cut-throat razors etc giving the logo a timeless look that screams heritage. The rest of the branding also follows this same vintage theme. The text of the logo is sometimes used simply on product packaging as you can see on the bottles.

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