Luxury Furniture Brand Identity

Luxury Furniture Brand Identity

When looking at the furniture industry as a whole, there’s a lot of establishments to take into account. You see retail stores, office furniture sellers, specialty furniture, and online furniture sales. When you take a look at the revenue brought in by all of these sales channels, it comes to around $106 billion per year in the United States alone! The top types of furnishings that these consumers are looking for are: cabinets or shelving units for living rooms, upholstery, and cabinets for various bedrooms in the house.
There are also some big trends that are shaping the furniture industry in today’s world. Let’s take a look at some of them down below:

Client: Heritage Luxury Furniture

Type Of Project: Complete Brand Identity

Client Location: New York, NY

Telecommuting: More and more people are taking offers from their bosses to work from their home a couple of days out of the week. This is driving a huge increase in the number of consumers looking for office furniture for their home office spaces. The office furniture segment is looking at around a 5.5% increase every year until 2019.

Versatility: More and more people (mostly Millennials) are looking for furniture pieces that are versatile and small. This is because they are mostly living in smaller spaces or moving around quite a lot.

Online Sales: Even though a majority of sales go through physical stores, more and more online stores are fighting for a chunk of the market place. As time comes and goes, we’ll see online stores slowly taking away that physical majority.

Luxury Furniture: Even as the Millennial generation takes over much of the consumer market, there is an increase in demand for luxury furniture. This is mostly taking place in developing countries like China and Russia.

Going Green: More consumers than ever before list the environment as one of their priorities when choosing companies to buy from. That’s why more and more furniture vendors are choosing to act sustainably when developing their products.

With all of these changes happening in the furniture industry, brands are struggling to find their professional identity. Exclusive Heritage, a new client of ours, came to our branding team with the question of how to brand themselves as a better choice than their competitors. This company was built from the ruins of a family furniture business, when the grandparent’s furniture factory was destroyed in World War II and operations halted.

In 2016, their grandchildren decided to use the craftsmanship and furniture knowledge passed on to create and deliver quality furnishings to consumers.

Their aim is to build a brand that’s just as well-known and respects as the likes of Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma. And of course, one of the first steps to building up any brand is to create a high-quality logo that helps to build that unique identity. This client of ours wanted a luxury logo design that showed to customers the importance of their heritage, their focus on high-quality products, and their dedication to providing an excellent experience for customers.

And when you take a look at the regal logo that was created, you see exactly that. The design is reminiscent of old family crests and has a luxurious appearance that leaves an impression on any consumer who looks at it.

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