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Stunning Brand Identity Design

GB provides services to help people and businesses develop successful cross-cultural partnerships with China. These partnerships may be in sourcing products from one country to China or the other way round, could be providing concierge services to help one family travel to China to adopt a child, may be helping a high school prepare students to study abroad in China or trainings that help businesses expand internationally or into China.

To help GB launch into the international arena, they needed a solid brand identity and an awesome website design. We created a stunning logo design based on the Chinese bridge shape. This ties in with the client’s motto: Bridging Peoples and Cultures.

China Business Partnerships Branding

Stunning Website Design

When we looked at the websites of our clients competitors, we were found an opportunity to make them stand apart. Most of the competing websites were cluttered and with out any branding. So we set out to create a design that is bold, simple and on brand.
We also created a set of custom icons to represent the various sections of the website. With gorgeous photos, on brand color palette and Google friendly code, the result is a stunning website that would create the right impact.

Starting with market entry services, GB provides opportunities for businesses to expand operations into China through market assessment, revenue generation and program management. The client partners with experienced business executives, consultants and trainers to provide services that meet the needs of growing businesses across China.

GB also helps overseas students explore Chinese Universities and vice versa. They also help Universities develop programs to attract western students.

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