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Promise Hill Project is an organization that offers aid to single mothers and children in developing countries. Through Promise Hill, the client provides food, water, clothing, access to medical care, access to education, and direction on business strategies for start ups. These services are provided to childrens’ homes, churches, schools, and individuals.

The company name came from two sources. “Hill” is the founder’s Grandmothers last name. She was a pillar in her society during her time. She had a full time job as a music teacher, helped run the Daughters of the Republic, helped run our family business, and raised 5 kids. She did all this during a time when women typically stayed home and tended to the house and kids.

“Promise” is a word that the founder heard more often than not, when in Kenya. She heard the local children ask tourists for food. The tourists say “I’ll bring you food tomorrow”. The children ask “Do you promise?”. Nine times out of 10, the tourist does not come back tomorrow. The founder always came back tomorrow. She always keept her word.

In the future, the founder would love for Promise Hill to be a community center that would serve an entire village. She would love to hear the local kids say “Hey, let’s go hang out at Promise Hill!

To bring the kind heartedness of the founder and infuse the brand with that personality, we create a very simple iconic design that also created the right impact. The result is an icon of a heart and a beautiful font type to match. The message is simple and clear – kindness!

We also created a gorgeous business card design along with letterhead and envelope design. We are currently working on the client’s website and we will update this page once that is live.

aid organization website design home page

For Promise Hill to reach a wider audience and create the right impact, after we completed the brand identity phase of the project, we designed and developed a stunning new website design.

With a clean and elegant layout, the website uses strong typography, white space and beautiful images to tell the story of Promise Hill and communicate their message.

The website also has a beautiful projects/blog module to document and broadcast the aid work undertaken by Promise Hill in countries such as Kenya, Thailand and more. We also created a simple but effective donation form and hooked it up to a payment gateway so that Promise Hill can process donations seamlessly.

You can check out Promise Hill’s new website by clicking this link.

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