Online Marketing Resources

The third pillar of building a magical brand after brand strategy and brand identity is brand marketing. More specifically, these days, it is all about online marketing and conversion rate optimization. In this resources section, you will find 100s of powerful articles on topics such as inbound marketing, social media marketing and more. Choke full of how-to guides, you need to look no further to learn everything about the wonderful world of online marketing.

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Organic search marketing

Inbound Marketing Resources

Gone are the days of push marketing – shouting at the top of your voice, selling your wares and trying to draw attention to your business. People turn off such intrusive marketing techniques. Welcome to the new age of pull marketing called inbound marketing – attracting your customers like a magnet with out making noise and being annoying. This collection of inbound marketing articles will teach everything you need to know about making this happen for your business.

Top Social Media Management Tools

Marketing on social media has come a long way. Compared to even 2 years ago, there are tons of robust and super effective social media management tools that can turn a regular marketer into a [...]

Top 7 Free Online Courses On Marketing

The modern world is all about branding. If you can't market yourself, your product or your work then it's going to be difficult indeed to get anywhere. There are modern tools to brand yourself [...]

12 Video Marketing Trends To Skyrocket In 2019

Video marketing has always been huge, experts have confirmed this in 2017 and set to get even bigger in the days to come. In this article, we will look at video marketing in particular, and the [...]

Buyer Persona – How It Can Increase Sales

Buyer Persona: You have to pay attention to 3 critical elements: buyer personas, brand positioning strategy, and pricing strategy. In this article, I discuss the importance of understanding who [...]

The Top Marketing Trends for 2019

Make sure that you get up to speed on the top marketing trends that are right around the corner in the New Year. Here are some tips for marketing in 2018.

Brand Marketing Tips For 2019

As we head into a new year, it is time to take stock of the brand marketing activities that we have been engaged in through out this year and evaluate the effectiveness of our brand strategy and [...]

3 Steps To A Winning Sales Process

In this article we discuss how to document a sales process that explains each step your prospect should take, the knowledge the buyer needs at each step to move forward in the funnel, the [...]

How To Create A Publicity Strategy

Publicity is an art and great care must be taken to create the perfect publicity strategy. Treat each publicity campaign as a unique opportunity to tell your brand story.

How To Create Powerful Sales Materials

Powerful sales materials and literature are still fundamental tools of marketing. We look at how to evaluate sales literature and what to look for in sales materials that are effective.

A Guide To Marketing Your Clothing Company

Unless you have a huge marketing budget, it would be safe to assume that the best place to begin your brand marketing journey would be online. Here is a guide to do that effectively!

Reach Into Your Customers World View

Customer World View - In this article, I encourage you to think more consciously about your customer’s world view and how that would benefit your brand.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Understanding your target market thoroughly is the single most critical thing a business owner could do to help their brand on the road to success.

Take Control Of Your Website!

If you are treating your website like a static brochure, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. Find out how to take control of your website!

Holiday Branding Ideas For Real Estate Companies

The holiday season is almost upon us and businesses should start thinking about how to leverage the season to generate some extra sales and revenue and more importantly create some brand [...]

Is Your Brand Top-of-mind?

Top-of-mind awareness is defined in Marketing Metrics as “The first brand that comes to mind when a customer is asked an unprompted question about a category.

Embrace Digital Marketing Shows

For small business owners who struggle to get to grips with digital marketing, my first recommendation is to seek out and attend digital marketing shows or events.

5 Questions You Should Ask at a Marketing Pitch

Pitch sessions are an opportunity for a company to get to know an agency in person, not just through their website through their work. Here are 5 critical questions you should ask the marketing agency.

How to Make Online Networking Work for You

I think we can all agree that networking is one of the most useful activities any business owner or executive can engage in. Not only does it provide you with useful contacts, it also opens up [...]

6 Signs Your Marketing Agency Doesn’t Fit

Your relationship with your marketing agency is just like a relationship with a significant other, with the difference being a lot more money involved. Sometime the two just don’t fit together, [...]

5 Great Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation software is a great way to expand your marketing team’s capabilities and increase productivity. Despite their cost, they are great value for money and many companies see [...]

Marketing Lessons from the Video Game Industry

Interactive entertainment—or as it is more commonly known, video games—is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2010 it took in an estimated 25 billion US dollars in revenue in the United States [...]

10 Great Ideas to Promote Your Business Websites

Search engines are a great way to get new business, but they’re not the only game in town. There are a lot of other ways to attract interested customers, which is fortunate for businesses that [...]

8 Signs You Can Trust Your Marketing Agency

It’s perfectly normal for companies to seek outside help for their marketing. Internal marketing departments are usually short-staffed and don’t have the resources to pull off really big projects [...]

How Customers are Getting Smarter

Today’s commercial environment is a lot different from how it was half a century or even a couple of decades ago. A new generation of customers has taken prominence, whose shopping habits have [...]

Why You Should Stay Away from Black Hat SEO

The Internet is saturated with online businesses, each scrabbling for higher search engine rankings in order to draw in more customers. When faced with such stiff competition, the dark side of [...]

Are You Over-Marketing?

Every diligent marketer is at risk of over-marketing. It’s an easy line to cross, partially because it’s hard to see where the line is from our positions. We need to regularly assess the [...]

When to Listen to a Customer

Customer feedback is probably the most over-hyped part of modern business. That’s not to say it isn’t useful, however.

Social Proof: The Word-of-Mouth of the Future

Social proof is the new word of mouth for e-commerce websites. Once upon a time, customers bought products at their local stores and then talked to friends about their likes and dislikes.

Email Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

Email marketing is an important component of running any kind of website, but especially so in the highly competitive, brand-driven world of ecommerce.

10 Ways To Drive Business to Your Website

It is more important than ever to find organic ways of attracting traffic. Here are a few ideas to drive business to your website. The good news is that these methods are for the most part free [...]

The Changing Face of Print Marketing

Although many claim that print marketing is on its way out, a new report finds that businesses are continuing to use the medium in increasingly savvy and modern ways.

Small Business Marketing

Ever new year has brought new trends, both in marketing and among your customer base. Here are five ways that you can find marketing success for your small business in the new year.

Marketing by Text

Many people think of text messaging as the sole domain of teenagers, but it has some very useful applications for small business owners. Text messages can be an affordable and very efficient way [...]

Feel like a Social Marketing Kick Start?

With millions of followers and more every day, social networking and microblogging sites such as Twitter are a promising and completely free way for small businesses to market themselves.

Turning Hits into Sales: Five Proven Strategies

Most modern businesses have websites, but few of these websites generate a significant amount of income. This leads many business owners to questions whether their website is worth the effort. [...]

Reviews: The Latest Form of Buzz Marketing

Most business owners know that websites such as Twitter and Facebook can give them a marketing boost. However, there is a new type of website that small business owners should attend to: the [...]

5 Branding Questions to Ask Your Customers

Customers know exactly what you are doing right and what areas need improvement. If you ask, most will not be afraid to tell you. Here are five simple questions that will tell you everything you [...]

5 Tips for Merchandising

You have an attractive store, a winning merchandising logo, and products that can’t be beat. Why, then, isn’t anyone buying? It may be your merchandising. Merchandising is the art of displaying [...]

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

How would you feel about having a loyal, dependable group of customers who always turn to your business first? Customer loyalty is one very important key to business success. Loyal customers will [...]

Effective use of data in business

Everyone talks of living in the information age and information overload. True enough but a business needs the information to survive and grow. The trick is to collect what is relevant to [...]

Marketing Your Business Online

A big mistake rookies in the world of online business make is confusing marketing and Sales. These are two distinct activities. In the most basic form sales is persuading a potential customer to [...]

What is marketing?

Marketing is often confused with advertising and promotion. If you ask most people to define marketing, they will come up with a number of descriptions including "advertising", "selling", "hype", [...]

What is quality Management?

There are many definitions of what "quality" is. The best I found is that quality refers to what a product or service can do and that it does it without errors and is consistent in what it is [...]

Social Media Marketing Resources

A huge collection of in-depth articles on social media marketing along with how-to guides, tutorials and case studies. Bring the power of social media to your business and see you revenues increase!

Top Social Media Management Tools

Marketing on social media has come a long way. Compared to even 2 years ago, there are tons of robust and super effective social media management tools that can turn a regular marketer into a [...]

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Ad

What makes an Instagram ad compelling? Surprisingly, it's not how spectacular it is on its own, but its relevance to your target audience or, simply, being shown in the right place at the right [...]

How To Create A Social Media Strategy

In this article we look at leveraging social media and understand how to create your social media strategy with an actionable plan and steps. This includes segmenting and messaging tips too.

Social Media Basics For Business Owners

In this episode I talk about the basics of social media for business owners and how they can start off getting involved with online marketing. Hi, welcome back. It’s 2014, and hope you guys have [...]

Watch Who Handles Your SM?

Social media is one of the best tools in a marketer’s arsenal, but also one of the most dangerous. Because it’s a more direct form of communication, there are no built-in ways to screen messages [...]