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Brand Identity
Powerful Logo Design & Identity Design service from Award Winning Design team!

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Website Design
Functional, Dynamic and Stunning Website Design Service with Easy Edit and eCommerce Features

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Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing with Social Media Management!

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Business Development
Brand Strategy & Positioning coupled with business development ideas!

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Branding Success

Branding is the most important aspect of any company. Those who understand it’s significance usually have a thriving business.
- Mash Bonigala, Brand Differentiator
So what is branding? Is it the logo? The tagline? The color scheme or the package design?

At SpellBrand, we have spent over 15 years trying to understand the tenets of branding and believe that there are three pillars to a successful brand: Strategy, Design and Conversation.

Every company needs to have a crystal clear clarity as to what their business objectives are and how to go about achieving them. Understanding who your target market and how to communicate to them is the most critical aspect of your brand strategy. If this step is done to perfection then the rest usually fall into place things like sales and customer loyalty and ultimately your profits.

To help us provide a Brand Strategy to you, we have devised a process called "Brand Value Clarity Driver™" which helps us create a brand strategy for your business and enables you to move forward as a successful brand.

Design is the second pillar of a successful brand. In fact these days, most of the major super brands rely on design to get them ahead and be successful. Some obvious examples are Apple and Google. Creative designs - both identity and marketing, help deliver your brand strategy in the most effective way. A great logo design, a stunning website design, an awesome marketing brochure or social media channel - these are the things that help you translate your brand strategy and message into a format that connects with your target market.

Finally, great branding is all about initiating and continuing Conversations with your prospects, clients and the public at large. Creating conversations could take the form of conversion (sales, subscriptions etc), social media interaction and reputation management and empowering brand recall. Even seemly unrelated activities such as working out the right pricing strategy is part of your brand conversation.