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Here are our rules for guest contributors

Original Articles

All articles submitted must be original and not published elsewhere. If accepted on our blog, they should not be published elsewhere anytime in the future.


If you have a relationship with a company or someone mentioned in your post, you must disclose it. “My case study features the New York Times, a client of mine.” “My business partner, Ben Rosario, wrote in an article…”

Article Length

Longer posts get more page views, time on page, and social sharing. It would be awesome if your posts are between 1,500 to 2,000 words. They should be at least 1,000 words.

In-Article Links

Links to third-party authoritative sources are welcome. Having said that, our editorial team is always on the lookout for links that appear promotional.

  • No links to people’s home pages for their companies for quotes or cited sources. Linking to sources’ Twitter accounts is allowed.
  • No calls to action that are self-promotional (“Our new e-book covers this topic in detail. Click here to download!”).
  • Any links that appear promotional or spamy will be removed.
  • We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link at any time, before or after an article is published.
  • No links to websites on pills/RX, porn, gambling, and payday loans.


Required: Upload a featured image that is 1200 pixels wide and 900 pixels tall.

  • Upload at least one image in your post.
  • You can use images from free stock photo sites that release all licenses (e.g. Death to Stock Photo, Unsplash, and Pixabay) only.
  • You can also use images that you created or photographs you took. Your own screenshots are welcome but make sure they do infringe on any copyrights or trademarks!
  • No promotional images: Images cannot have a company logo or brand.
  • No external links on images.
  • No memes.

We reserve the right to replace or remove images we feel are irrelevant to the post.

All images must have proper attribution at the bottom of your post:

Editorial Review and Corrections

If it comes to light that the authors aren’t writing their own articles, we reserve the right to reject or delete the post at any time.

We may add a disclaimer at the end of any article to disclose any relationships (or lack thereof) that either SpellBrand or the author may have with organizations mentioned in the article.

In the instance of corrections to the bio, byline, facts, or updates to published articles, SpellBrand reserves the right to edit any post at any time.


Have you read the rules above?

  • Author Information

  • This will be used in the byline of the article and should describe the author. Please do not exceed 200 words. Any links in the bio will be no-followed.
  • This is very critical and we will not be able to consider your submitted post without references to previous articles and posts you have written
  • If you wish, you can submit your head shot to be featured in the bio section of the article.

  • Article Content

  • We will only accept articles and posts tightly related to the topics shown here. All other articles will be rejected.
  • This would go into the heading of the article and should be at least 1200px x 900px.
  • Please make sure the heading is meaningful and attractive. It should not be spammy or stuffed with keywords.
  • This will be used as the article intro and should be at least 200 words.
  • Content should be at least 1000 words and should follow the guidelines and rules above.
  • Please upload any other images or photos that you want to be placed inside the body of the article. They should be from royalty free sources.
    Drop files here or
  • Please link here image/photo credits, source references etc.
  • Terms Of Submission

    The following terms and conditions for Guest Bloggers (the “Guest Blogger Agreement”) govern Your use of SpellBrand.com (the “Site”) and any services made available to You by SpellBrand, Inc. (“SpellBrand,” “We”, “Us” and “Our”) on or through the Site (the “Services”) and any contributions You make to the SpellBrand Site ("Contributions"). For purposes of the Guest Blogger Agreement, “You" and "Contributor” means the person using the Site or the Services or providing Contributions which are defined as but not limited to ("writing original content", "writing or creating exclusive articles" and or "curating or creating non-exclusive digital images for publication on the SpellBrand blog"). If You are using the Site or Services or Contributing on behalf of Your company (or another entity), then “You” means Your company (or such other entity) and its officers, members, agents, successors and assigns.

    Contributor may submit any number of original, exclusive articles and non-exclusive digital images for publication on the SpellBrand blog. In order to maintain an active status as a SpellBrand guest blogger, we suggest that you submit at least one post per month. SpellBrand reserves the right to reject any original article for any reason.

    You also agree to the following in conjunction with the standards and requirements set below:

    • You irrevocably transfer and assign all rights to your articles.
    • You will receive a promotional author byline in each article.
    • You will not receive compensation for an article now or in the future unless otherwise agreed upon.
    • Any request by you to use the content from the article must be made to the editorial team in writing.
    • You indemnify SpellBrand from any potential legal liability/damage that may arise from your published articles.
    • You are prohibited from benefiting financially from third party companies or individual people in exchange for writing articles about such companies' or peoples' products, services, apps or anything else they may ask you to write about or link to.