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Trademarking Service

Our Trademark Attorney can help you with: * Trademark Searc * TM Application Preparation * TM Application Submission * Manage & Respond * Followup & Complete Registration

To help bridge the gap between applying your self and hiring a Trademark attorney, SpellBrand has come up with a process and tied up with a law firm to offer affordable and painless Trademarking services.

trademark service

If you are serious about your brand and in your business venture, then you must think about and invest in trademarking the most important asset of your brand – your brand mark aka logo!

The trademarking process can be complex, expensive, and painful – if you try and do it by yourself. If you hire a Trademark attorney then it will be painless BUT it will be expensive. At SpellBrand, we have created a process that tries to make this as smooth and as affordable as possible for our clients. We work with experienced trademark attorneys to conduct the federal trademark search, review and prepare trademark applications on behalf of our clients, submit the application to the USPTO (the United States Patent And Trademark Office), monitor and correspond with USPTO during the entire duration of the application and respond or appeal when required. Our service fees include attorney costs as well as Government fees.

The Trademark Process



Our attorney will conduct a detailed analysis of your mark and prepare the Trademark application. We will create the right kind of file formats for submission and provide an accurate written description of the brand mark that would be included in the application.


We will then submit the application to United States Patent & Trademark Office. USPTO then verifies the application and their attorneys would conduct a search in their databases to ensure there is no conflict with an existing mark. Once we get your Trademark application number, you can start using your brand mark with a ™ symbol.


We will then communicate with the USPTO on your behalf and answer any queries that they may have and amend the application or provide any additional information that they request. If the application is rejected, we will submit an appeal and try and salvage it.


In around 9 months time, USPTO will complete the registration process and send you the Trademark certificate after which you can start using our brand mark with the ® symbol. The certificate would be sent by the USPTO directly to your mailing address.
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