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Steakhouse Logos

barbecoa branding logo 0

The House of Barbecue!

By Branding, Food & Beverage
This is a logo of an eatery in London. Ring any bells! Yes, it’s the imposing logo of Barbecoa, the high-end first BBQ eatery in London.

I love this logo design. The lettering, the circle around the letter and the font make me fall for this one.

As a logo and brand designer and marketing strategist, I have had several logos created with the letter B, yet I always feel disappointed that I haven’t done this one myself. I have had a sort of affinity with this one since I first saw it because my family name begins with a B and I have used my family name to the video channel and other social media channels; furthermore, my lovely wife’s name also begins with a B, which she has used for her cookery website.
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