PreciBake Bakery Software Branding

Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Brand Strategy, Print Design, Brand Usage Guidelines

Client Details

Client: Precibake Bakery Software

Location: New York, NY

Brand Story:
The art of baking is complex. How do you measure the quality of your bread for each baking cycle? PreciBake® has the tools for it. Without guessing, but knowing. PreciBake is a software company specialized in baking. By using smart sensor technology they measure and detect thousands of data points during the baking process. Their products, powered by artificial intelligence, deliver consistently highest quality thanks to their Virtual Baker.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Brand Strategy, Print Design, Brand Usage Guidelines

Brand Story: To enable PreciBake enter the US market, they needed an awesome brand and they came to SpellBrand to help them achieve this. When we heard about how PreciBake’s software that utilizes artificial intelligence to learn what a perfect baked good means to the baker and then monitor each product and consistently bake it to the highest quality, we were excited to be working on creating the brand for their Virtual Baker!

With a heavy presence in Europe, PreciBake needed a brand that addressed the US market. During the discovery process we realized that the Virtual Baker system that they had was so ahead of it’s time. We decided to create a brand identity that was modern and would remain relevant a few years from now. We chose to create a logo design that would be flat and resembler an app icon.

Brand Solution: The logo we created depicts a baguette with a play icon on top. This ties together the two core philosophies of the company – high quality baking and extraordinary technology to enable that. The color palette is very subtle and is based on baking and bread.We also designed a high quality brochure design, folder design, branded note pad, seals, matching corporate identity and a fantastic looking mascot character called “Bernie” that represents their awesome software. Working with European clients on so many different deliverables can be quite challenging. But that is what SpellBrand specilizes in.Brochure Design
We created an A4 sized tri-fold brochure and a matching folder design. Creating a brochure for a new product launch becomes doubly difficult when there are strict restrictions on the design and content. There was a lot of text and images that we had to incorporate into the brochure. But the end result was quite stunning. The folder design was quite simple yet effective. We also created matching a note pad design and a “Quality Seal”.Mascot Design
When asked how they would describe their software, the client said: “Tell your Virtual Baker once how you want your product to be baked. Due to his talent of taking more than 2000 artificially intelligent decisions the Virtual Baker assures consistent quality over all production facilities.”To turn this statement into a mascot character, we started with the baguette bread from the logo and gave it an attitude. With a baking apron, a large spatula, Google Glass and iPad in it’s pouch, the character ended up looking cure and techy at the same time!

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