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Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Identity Design, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Fitzgibbon Investments Ltd.

Location: New York

Challenge: Fitzgibbon Investments Ltd., is an investment company specializing in tech start-ups, real estate, stocks and mutual funds. They needed a world class branding to help expand their brand and came to SpellBrand for help.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Identity Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Story: Fitzgibbon’s mandate is to invest across industry sectors in attractive opportunities with significant growth potential. Fitzgibbon invests in various sectors with many of its investments being made by way of international partnerships and alliances. Fitzgibbon’s strategic relationship with large multinationals has led to successful partnerships through profitable joint ventures.Fitzgibbon’s investment approach focuses on lasting economic value, which is often independent of near-term market disruptions. Fitzgibbon consistently strives to partner with best-in-class entrepreneurs and corporations, and builds long-term relationships which have been a key determining factor in the success it enjoys today.

To enable Fitzgibbon to put it’s best foot forward in terms of it’s brand development, it came to the leader in the Financial Branding market segment – SpellBrand.

Brand Solution: Due to the family heritage and history that the Fitzgibbon name carries, our primary direction was to create a crest based logo design that would truly represents the majesty and rich heritage of Fitzgibbon. We started with working on the Fitzgibbon coat of arms and creating a more modern version. However after some reflection and discussions with the client, we felt that the complex design of the coat of arms was not practical for every day branding and hence decided to approach a simplified heraldic crest based design.The results is a beautiful looking logo that broadcasts the premium and rich culture of the financial investments company and strives to establish the trust that is needed in the financial world. The logo features a shield with an old English letter “F” and a crown on top. Flanking both sides of the shield are two heraldic lions representing the majesty of the Fitzgibbon legacy.

Branding financial consultants can be a tough challenge. At SpellBrand we specialize in working with Financial companies get above the competition through the virtue of their brand and perception management. With over 16 years experience, SpellBrand has the skills and knowledge required to create identities for the country’s top financial institution.

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