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The INNOCENT Brand Archetype

The Innocent Brand Archetype

The Innocent brand archetype is optimistic, to the point of naivety. They search for happiness in any situation and see the good in everything and everyone. The innocent tend to want to please others and pursues a sense of belonging.

The innocent brand seeks harmony. These brands portray themselves as optimists, and they try to see the positive in everything. Their products are often simple and straightforward. They provide simple solutions to simple problems. No muss, no fuss.

However, these brands have strong values, and as a consequence, they often develop a reputation for trustworthiness.

Brand Promise: Simplicity and clarity 

Goal: To achieve contentment.

Strategy: To do things right.

Personality to project: Optimist, cheerleader. 

Ideal Customer: These customers prefer a straight shooter. They don’t want to be lied to or mislead. They don’t want to have to parse complex jargon, either. These folks just want a simple solution that works.

Weakness: Can come across as old fashioned, prudish or naive

Suggested Color Palette

This is just a suggested palette. Colors should be selected based on a robust brand strategy and should be part of the brand identity development.

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innocent brand archetype


volkswagen vw logo lg x x

Volkswagen plays to the innocent camp with their nostalgic, inspirational advertising. A Volkswagen vehicle is a happy vehicle. Their ads scream, Don’t worry, be happy. The Volkswagen Beetle, in particular, embodies this philosophy. 


coco cola x

From happy customers sharing a can of Coke with each other to cartoon polar bears, the Coca-Cola brand is all about innocence. They embody the fun of summer, encouraging customers to make the best of any situation.