Your Very Own Information Age Logo


Are you one of those people who is disappointed with almost every birthday gift that you receive? If so, you may finally have met your gift giving match. Google has a birthday gift for users that might finally meet your high standards: your very own birthday logo design.

Search engine giant Google has long been known for celebrating birthdays, holidays, and just about any interesting event that comes its way; we have reported on several of these logos, including Google’s own birthday logo and the special one created for deceased musician John Lennon’s special day. However, celebrating everyday user’s birthdays is a new step for the company. How will this be accomplished with millions of users? What does Google intend to accomplish (outside of wishing you a Happy Birthday)?

The way it will work is simple. You fill out your profile, and Google will store the information. On your birthday, you’ll get your logo. It costs almost nothing for Google—but aren’t the best gifts like that? On the other hand, why?

First, it’s a good branding move. Google is good at coming across as the kinder, friendlier search engine; this is an integral part of their brand and one that cannot be neglected. With many people wary about the new version of Google that recently hit the market, there is no better time to ‘Wow’ the public with something like this. Second, and perhaps most important, it will encourage people to fill out their Google profile. Many people have an incomplete Google profile or none at all. If Google is trying to entice people to complete their forms, offering a little birthday surprise may be just the incentive that they need.

What will you get for your effort? When you open the Google home page on your birthday, you’ll see a very different logo from the norm, complete with a cupcake, birthday decorations, and a special message just for you.

We live in an information age, so Google has a lot to gain from knowing every detail about their users. This can be used to track behavior, monitor spending, and determine the company’s ever changing key audience. Google will have a leg up on the competition because they will know exactly who is using their products, and when and why and from where. It certainly is worth the minimal cost of a small logo. Further, we all like birthday surprises. How many people will log onto Google on their special day just to see what awaits them?

Google rose to the top of the internet world due to a user friendly search engine and good branding moves at every turn. Is your company as well branded as they could be? In this day and age, you are competing against companies that are nothing less than branding geniuses. It is more important than ever to have a logo design and other brand aspects that entice your customers to try your business and keep them coming back.