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Your company’s brand is more than just a logo – it’s the public identity of your business.

It is important that all consumer-facing activities your company participates in (advertising, marketing, customer service, etc.) and helps to strengthen your brand. This means coming up with consistent messaging, a uniform look-and-feel as well as strategic ways to reinforce your brand.

Develop Consistent Messaging

In the early days of starting your business you developed a unique value proposition (UVP) – the thing that sets your company apart from competitors. It is really important to convey the UVP to your audience. A common way of doing so is through a clear but memorable tag line.

Here are some of the most popular taglines of all time:

“The happiest place on earth.” – Disney

“Finger lickin good!” – Kentucky Fried Chicken

“Buy it. Sell it. Love it.” – eBay

“Have it your way.” – Burger King

“Save money, live better.” – Walmart

You can see they clearly state the value proposition of the company in simple but memorable terms.

Thinking up your own simple and clever tagline is an important endeavor; however, keep in mind that branding doesn’t begin and end with a logo and messaging doesn’t begin and end with a tagline.

For many brands, part of their messaging is a unique company “voice.” I don’t mean a specific person’s voice but rather the tone in which the company communicates its messages.

more than just a logo

Voice is one way you can humanize your brand – taking it from “just another company” to a fun company, a funny company, a company that cares and most importantly a memorable company.

Create a Consistent Look and Feel

While your logo is likely the cornerstone of your company’s overall look-and-feel there should be a connection between your logo and other corporate assets. This means you’ll want to use the same coloring and fonts across all of your communication platforms to establish familiarity with your audience.

Here are just a few of the places you should be representing a consistent look-and-feel:

  • Website design
  • Email design
  • Landing pages
  • Business cards
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter profile
  • Google+ Page
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Commercials

Old Spice does a really great job in delivering a consistent and fun brand identity across all platforms:

more than just a logo

more than just a logo

more than just a logo

A consistent look-and-feel not only helps you establish a brand identity but acts as a trust factor with your consumer audience. You need to ask yourself how you want your logo to look like or how your brand to look like. They will be more likely to interact with your brand, purchase from you and share your content if they trust that they are engaging with the real company.

Reinforce Your Brand with Social Proof

Social proof is a concept rooted in psychology whereby “people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation.”

Social proof demands that when we’re unsure of the correct behavior we “look to others for cues.” This concept has been used by the advertising and marketing industry for years to encourage people to try new products and services.

Social Proof most often shows up in marketing as a customer testimonial or a public relations mention from a trusted media outlet.

more than just a logo

You don’t have direct control over social proof. You can certainly ask your customers for testimonials and can put together a strong public relations campaign, but the end result is often out of your hands. This doesn’t mean trying shouldn’t be part of your branding strategy because it’s a very powerful reinforcement tool.

Social proof clearly demonstrates that your business is trustworthy and worth buying from. Together with strong brand messaging and a consistent look-and-feel, social proof will help you establish a positive image with your consumer audience.

Don’t miss out on the big opportunities that creating a quality and consistent brand can provide. Bookmark this post and refer back to it as you begin creating or updating your brand assets.

Do you have any questions about branding? Leave them in the comment section and we’ll try our best to answer them!

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & CEO of SpellBrand. Since 1998, Mash has helped conscious brands differentiate themselves and AWAKEN through Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design. Schedule a Brand Strategy Video Call with Mash.