Yahoo Seeks More Unlikely Bedfellows

By Mash Bonigala

Yahoo must know that one of the best ways to get positive exposure for your brand and logo design in the UK is to partner with complimentary companies. However, they are having trouble finding the right partners for their well-known and well-rounded website. Although they have focused in the past on buying related companies such as Flickr, they are switching focus and looking instead for new and less predictable partners, and are hoping to work with these partners rather than outright buying them.

Why choose partnering over acquisitions? Yahoo has had trouble turning their acquisitions into cash flow, so this may be part of the motivation for the change in plan. However, Yahoo has plenty of capital and income, so money is not the entire issue. Instead, the company is looking at partnerships as a way of competing with Google by offering a completely different user experience. In other words, Yahoo is attempting to differentiate from their largest competitor by differentiating their brand.

Differentiating one’s brand is not just a challenge for large multinational corporations, but one that many UK small business owners face as well. If you think your competition is tough, try going up against a company with an internationally recognized logo design and brand such as Google.

In Yahoo’s case, the partner brands will include unlikely bedfellows such as Nokia and Zynga. The company has stated that they will be looking for social and video partners. However, these are not the only options. What’s important is that the partners not be competition, but offer services that will appeal to the Yahoo market. Most notably, the company wants to partner with local companies, giving a small town feeling that will appeal to people all over the UK. One of the first additions will be a gaming option allowing people in the UK to play games with others in their immediate area.

Google’s major appeal is their fun, simple brand and their scale—they offer solutions to many of the most common problems that computer users in the UK face. Yahoo instead will try to be the well-rounded option that offers more local UK content. This brand repositioning will come without changes to the Yahoo logo design or visual identity, but it will be momentous nonetheless.

Search engines are moving beyond the constraints of search because they need to offer more. More services, more partners, and more reasons to choose them over the many other options. It can be difficult to differentiate in the midst of any notable competitors, but the presence of this competition makes the switch all the more necessary.

If you can see that your UK brand needs to differentiate but are unsure of how to proceed, you are facing a difficult but common dilemma. Talk to a logo designer or branding consultant to find out how you can maintain your core brand while setting yourself apart from the competition and giving your customers a reason to choose you and you alone.