X-Men: First Class Logo Design Leaked


Comic book nerds, action movie nerds, and nerds in general were thrilled this week when the logo design for the upcoming movie X-Men: First Class was leaked. The comics logo features a dark green background with the familiar X-Men logo in a rusty red. The name of the movie is written in a shiny, metallic gold.

What does this logo design say about the new movie? Nothing, really. Fans already knew the name of the movie. No characters are shown, so we don’t know for sure which will be the most featured or how the comic books will be changed to fit the big screen. The logo also holds no clues as to plot. The dark colors suggest a ‘dark’ movie, although this could be gathered by watching its prequels. There has been much speculation as to the storyline of the new X-Men movie, but it appears that fans will have to wait for an official trailer to get any firm information. In short, this logo merely whets the appetites of people who are eagerly awaiting the latest instalment from the popular Marvel Comics X-Men franchise.

It should be noted that the logo design has not been released through official channels yet. Like any other leak, this could be a total fake. However, it is very similar to other materials that have been released representing the movie, which is slated to debut on June 3, 2011. For now, many fans are embracing this super hero logo as an authentic.

On one hand, it is exciting for fans to get a first glimpse at a long-awaited movie via its logo design. On the other hand, this can be disappointing, especially when the logo is not up to expectations. Hopefully the X-Men: First Class movie will be produced with more thought and professionalism than this logo! Fans have already pointed out that a small child with a decent knowledge of Photoshop might have been able to produce a better image for the long-awaited film. It might have been sufficient if this was the first X-Men movie, but the image is very plain and only hints at a general atmosphere.

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