X Marks the Butterfly


JayneMax may not have achieved the prominence of other luxury handbag brands, such as Coach and Louis Vuitton, but they are definitely up and coming. The brand has opened more than a dozen new boutiques in the near past and has had several high profile cameos, such as in the hit television show Ugly Betty. Because the brand is growing by leaps and bounds, it is definitely time for a new logo design and brand.

The old logo design featured the name of the company in ultra-graceful lettering with artistically drawn serifs. A light blue butterfly in the background was the sole image. While this was not the most creative logo, it was simple and sophisticated, with a definitely female aesthetic. The tagline below was also geared toward a female audience: Exquisitely Delicious Handbags.

The new logo features a butterfly as well, but drawn in black to be less obvious and more stylized. The general shape and style of the butterfly is echoed in the lettering, especially in the X. The new tagline, “Soulfully Luxurious,” is written in more serious lettering below.

The blue color has been moved to the background and changed slightly. The new hue is similar to the blue used by Tiffany & Co. On one hand, this may benefit the company because of its association with luxury and quality. On the other hand, many may see it as blatant copying.

The writing in the new logo design feels a little ‘off’ to me. First, the two fonts are suffering from a stylistic clash. They are simply not meant to be part of the same brand. Second, the font used for the name may be too stylized, even artificial. I like the way the X echoes the butterfly shape, but the lack of crossbars on the A’s seems a little too space age for the brand. In addition, the spacing feels a little wide, like the letters need pushed together a bit. There are just too many details in this logo that don’t seem to fall into a single brand.

This brings us to the new tagline. The old one was nice—not mind-blowing, but nice. The new one is very generic. The word ‘soul’ is so overused it is almost meaningful. Unless the company is truly soulful, for instance ran as part of a religious group, it feels like just another wanna be trying to look more relevant than they actually are.

Is the new logo design better than the old? It just may be a wash. On one hand, we like the more modern image and also the attempt at a bespoke font that ties into the image. It is easy to see the new butterfly working as a logo on a signature bag, similar to the logos we see covering other handbags. In addition, the new color is clean and fresh, associations with other luxury brands aside. However, the new writing has some definite flaws, and the new tagline will not be as good a branding tool as the old one.