Writing Your About Me Page


Most businesses and blogs, even ecommerce sites, have an ‘About Me’ page. This page can be a valuable means of building your personal and corporate brand. It can give visitors an insight into your business and encourage them to become customers. However, like all other aspects of your ecommerce website, an About Me page needs to be well-written with sales in mind. Here are a few tips for creating an effective page.

  1. Give general demographic information. You should touch on your name, relative age, job, and geographical region. Some people include info about their spouses and pets; while this makes you seem more likeable, you should be respectful of your family’s privacy when writing this section. Don’t be overly personal; the only people who want to know the name of your subdivision are crazy stalkers. 
  2. List your experience in the industry. This is your chance to promote yourself, to show why you are the perfect person to run an ecommerce business in your field. Give your website a context that is customer oriented. Tell people how you are going to solve their problems and why you are qualified to do so.
  3. Include a photo or other representation of yourself. People like to attach names to faces; it makes the shopping experience all the more personal. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being recognized, you can use a childhood photo, a cartoon drawn to look like you, or even a picture of your feet. A photo or other image proves that you exist, that your website is not the creation of some bot.
  4. Give a variety of contact information. This should definitely include an email address and links to social networking pages. If you have a business line or a physical address, include that information as well. Make it easy for readers to get in touch with you. Most will not, but this transparency reinforces the idea that you are a real person, one that they should do business with.
  5. Keep it simple and organized. Don’t go on forever; include the important stuff only and organize the information with headers so it is easy to skim. Stay on topic and don’t ramble. A cluttered, difficult to read page is worse than none at all.
  6. Link to the page from all areas of your blog and/or website. Many website owners and bloggers are shocked to discover that their About Me page is one of the most viewed pages on their website. You would be surprised at how many people are curious about you. Having personal information, even a small amount, makes the shopping experience much more personal. Many people are missing this personal touch, so don’t be afraid to give them what they want.

An About Me page is not just an opportunity to connect; it may a valuable sales tool as well. Give customers the same personal experience that they would encounter in a brick-and-mortar store. Just be careful about how much information and what type of information you share.