World’s Best Web Designs: Emotions by Mike


In this series of posts, we would like to look at a few of the internet’s best websites. Your website is an important part of your brand because it offers a way for customers to interact with your company. Having a difficult to navigate, unattractive, or simply boring website has the same effect as having slovenly and/or unhelpful employees. It’s important to put your best foot forward, especially in your company’s landing page.

Who is on our ‘Best Of’ list? While a few of these are large global corporations, most represent small companies that just happen to have a world-class sense of style. Our first example is one of these, giving a new meaning to putting your best foot forward:

Because this website represents a freelance web designer, one would expect nothing but the best design. This website doesn’t disappoint. When you enter the landing page, you are immediately struck by two things: the cool, calming sage green color and the brightly stockinged legs and feet. The legs are eye catching, but also functional. The brightly colored squares in the stockings tie into the brightly colored buttons and tabs on the page, giving a sense of continuity.

The brand of this business is informal, so an informal page is a good choice. Mike introduces himself by his first name and invites viewers to peruse his offerings. There is nothing formal about any of the images, and even the logo design is informal with lower case letters and a whimsical flower sprouting from one of the O’s.

The website is well designed as well as attractive. Tabs at the top allow you to browse the three different areas of the site. Buttons at midpage take you to different projects in the artist’s portfolio, each opening in a new window so you can easily return to the landing page. A contact button is at the very bottom of the page.

This website is very simple, but personal and inviting. The first page holds a personalized message from the owner/designer and the rest of the site is entirely functional. This makes it very, very easy for potential customers to quickly see what kind of work Mike does and whether it matches their own sense of taste. This is important for two reasons: letting customers get lost on your website will prevent them from contacting you, and people appreciate it when a business owner doesn’t waste their time.

Emotions by Mike is a relatively no frills website, but it is nonetheless stylish and attractive. It represents a happy medium between feeling stylish and feeling contrived. If we had one suggestion to offer, it would be the following: make the contact information and the “mail me” button a little more prominent.  Viewers currently have to scroll down to find this vital information, which may be keeping some from making that all important first contact. However, the site is interesting enough that most people will be more than happy to delve a little for this information.