Wild and Crazy Logo Works for London Boutique


The general rule for logos and branding is that less is more. However, there are many notable exceptions to this rule, especially in the world of fashion and style. Lunacy, a fashion boutique catering to the young and bold fashionista, is one company that has made an action-packed and even chaotic logo part of a brand that appeals to young London.

Starting at the centre of the logo, the name of the store is written in bold, thick writing in a stylish mint green. The letters appear to be made up of light bulbs, reminiscent of a makeup mirror. These words are centred within a gray chandelier, adding a posh touch. This is the central image, but there are other elements splashed across the logo, including a lipstick kiss, flamingos, and butterflies. A tagline in the corner offers a perspective on the logo and the boutique name in one short and sweet phrase: “mad about fashion.”

The core colours of the brand are a hot pink, white, and light gray combination that is trendy and perky, but classically stylish enough to be a part of the brand for decades to come. The logo, on the other hand, may not be as timeless. While this logo is certainly appropriate for the boutique name and the present state of fashion, it is very crowded and features trendy images that, while visually attractive, are not the archetypal shapes seen in logos that keep their power over the years.

On the other hand, a fashion boutique named Lunacy might not be well represented by a simple, classic logo. In fact, the lack of connection between the images can be read as a part of the brand itself. Because fashion boutiques catering to trendy markets must always appear to be on top of the latest mode, it is entirely possible that Lunacy would be facing the rebranding process in a few years even without the happy chaos of their current brand.

What is the target audience to whom this logo and the attached brand are marketing? Mainly young women with high levels of expendable income as well as a love of all things trendy. This brand is bound to be successful with this fun and unpredictable market. The logo is unique and seems to suggest that Lunacy is a place to develop and display your own unique style, even if it happens to be a little chaotic or even outright mad.

Are you ready for a little Lunacy? Many fashionistas in London and all over the UK are eager to try new and different brands, the crazier the better. While this brand is not likely to be a lasting classic, it nonetheless is visually attractive and extremely relevant to its target audience. That makes it a winner and gives it a valuable edge in the competitive London clothing market. This is the power of a good brand: the ability to reach your audience with a meaningful and impactful message.