Why Some Companies Change Their Logo


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Image via CrunchBase

Many other companies have gone through the “Logo Change” during their lives, only to find out that changing their logo didn’t do any good, and things picked back up and got better when they went back to the old logo. NBC is another example. Their logo was the Peacock that always appeared in the bottom of the screen. They decided to change it to a big “N” only to find out later, because they didn’t do enough trademark research, that a small television network in Nebraska had used that logo for years.

Changing the logo design of a company doesn’t change the company itself. It only changes the logo. Sometimes changing the logo of a company can cause problems because people assume if the logo has changed then the company has changed. This can cause a loss of business. Some clients, once established with a business, will go looking elsewhere if they think that business has gone through some kind of radical change. They don’t like change.

There are some companies who have benefited from changing their logo, because the one they started out with, wasn’t well thought out to begin with, and wasn’t the right one for the company. Logos a lot of the time express who the company is and what it does. It is these logos that people become familiar with and learn to depend on for excellence and reliability as the company grows and earns that kind of reputation.

ATT actually changed their name close to 70 times, which means that they also changed their logo just as many. Eventually they ended up back where they started. Sometimes changing the company name and logo is a bad idea. Internal changes may be the necessary step to advance a company further than where it is at the present moment.

Walmart is another company that has tried changing the look of its logo. They are constantly changing the way that the stores are designed and arranged inside, and are constantly changing some of the lines of merchandise they carry. When comes to their logo, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done with the name “Walmart”. The biggest change was when they wrapped a black and white circle and square around it and called it Walmart Discount City in 1968. since then the logo has just been plain old Walmart, sometimes in different coloring, sometimes with a hyphen or star, and now with a flower on the end.

It is back to the same thing. Many large companies feel they have to change something to bring in the new, younger crowd while trying to keep the older crowd. Their advertising departments do all kinds of surveys and polls to find out what’s “in” and many times the change can actually put them “out” as far as an increase in their sales and profits. Changing to a new logo may not be the answer. Upgrading the old one may work just as well.