Why are custom logo designs so expensive?


On the internet, it is not uncommon to find such advertisements as “all types of logos available for just $50”. In reality good custom logo designs take considerable time and cost hundreds of dollars to create.

Thus today’s logo designing scenario is rife with contradictions. To the uninitiated, this remarkable gap in pricing may be confusing. It becomes pertinent for the new client to ask, “why should I pay so much when so many are offered in lot lesser prices?”

A Logo is a combination of text and graphics meant for creating a visual identity of a company, institution or organization. In the corporate world, the logo becomes the company’s crucial identity mark that portrays the character of the business, its mission and its philosophy. Thus the logo is aimed at creating and reinforcing a brand identity. The logo may consist of a symbol or just a text or it may contain both the symbol and the text.

Whatever may be the type of a logo, good logos are always the result of immense creative endeavors. Effective logos that always linger in our mind’s eyes are not created by fluke; they are the result of well defined procedures.

The logo designing process has three major aspects: creativity, technical knowledge and experience with marketing. Logo designers have to be creative to be able to translate ideas into effective designs. It is not possible for a person with limited creativity to give expression to the thoughts and goals of others. You have to be a great visualizer in order to become a successful logo designer.

Modern logo designing is not about scribbling on paper; you have to be savvy about latest graphic designing technologies to create the right thing. Today’s advertising materials are not meant for the print media only. They are circulated everywhere from web to company vehicles and even buildings. For that, you have to create something that is technically viable and easily reproducible.

Now coming to the last but most important aspect: the marketing knowledge. Creating the right kind of corporate identity requires research. The logo designer must be able to understand the target customers so that the logo is able to strike the right chord with them.

When a firm is designing a custom logo from the scratch for your company, all these criteria come into play and thus the custom logo designing becomes a complicated and time consuming affair.

But the end result of the entire procedure is a logo that ensures originality, guarantees recognition with huge visual impact, rightly conveys your business message, builds up the brand value and promises the enhanced business.

Now going back to the original argument: why you should be ready to pay a good buck for a custom designed logo? It is clear from the above discussion that an effective logo designing is much more than lifting from free clipart directories and producing of a piece of graphic to which you have no ownership. Custom logo designing involves effective visualization and only an experienced team can rightly visualize the end result.

As you know, quality has its price, so has the custom logo designing which is the culmination of great creativity, marketing sense and knowledge about socio-psychology in one.