What Makes a Successful Ecommerce Website Owner?


We spend a lot of time thinking about what makes an ecommerce website more effective. However, it is just as important to occasionally look inward. What traits make an ecommerce website owner more effective in their ventures? We encounter these entrepreneurs on a daily basis, and the successful ones seem to have the following characteristics.

  • Passion. Whether you love the items you are selling, love the category as a whole, or simply love running an ecommerce website, you need to have passion in order to succeed. Passion makes it easy to put in the long hours and turns problems into puzzles and challenges. You can’t be in this for financial reward alone; there are too many other, easier ways to earn a living. For some reason, the most successful ecommerce websites are the ones run by a businessperson who loves what they do.
  • Planning. Even though your plans will have to change—sometimes on a daily basis—a business owner with a solid, well-thought-out plan is almost always more successful than the one who flies by the seat of their pants. You should look at data, see how other similar websites are successful, and generally think out every aspect of your business before taking a single step. 
  • Goals. This is in many ways a part of planning, but it deserves its own bullet because it is that important. Know where you want to be in a week, a month, a year, a decade, and beyond. Set firm goals and diligently work toward them. This will give you a way of setting priorities and a framework for leading your ecommerce website in the right directions. Caveat: make sure your goals are reasonable to avoid feeling discouraged, and don’t be afraid to change them as the economic market changes.
  • Self-promotion. Do you feel awkward tooting your own horn? Sorry, but you need to get comfortable with it. You must be a walking advertisement for your business as well as your own biggest fan. If you can’t believe in yourself, it is a huge stretch to ask others to believe in you.
  • Community awareness. You should be joining clubs relevant to both your field and the world of ecommerce as a whole. Join message boards and industry organizations. There are so many learning opportunities and mentorship prospects that you simply cannot be an island. Similarly, you should show community awareness by helping others. The most successful business owners, including the notable example of Bill Gates, get intimately involved with their communities, however you define them.
  • Money sense. You have to be a good—no, a great—money manager in order to survive in the ecommerce business world. There is never enough start-up capital to do it any other way. You must always think hard about how to budget both personally and in your business so you have the resources to deal with changes in your market and in the economy.
  • Market awareness. You need to know who is buying from you and why. You need to know those target customers as well as you know your spouse and other close relatives. Your knowledge of that person will be a guiding factor in setting policies and making changes to your ecommerce website.