What is Your Brand Message?


Although the economy is recovering (according to economic experts at least), small business owners can’t help but notice that they must work harder than ever for each and every sale. This makes branding and marketing more important, especially for small businesses who are often pitted against much more established large corporations. This leads many owners to ask, “What is my company’s brand message?” Indeed, your success or failure may depend on the answer to the following question: What are customers perceiving when they interact with your business? There has never been a better time to ask this question or to find your own personal answer.

Sending a Clear Message

One of the biggest mistakes that a small business can make is trying to be everything to everyone. In order to send a clear brand message, you must first decide who you really are as a business. What is your persona? What makes you different from other businesses in your industry? If you look at some of the most iconic businesses on the globe, they send a clear message about what makes them different. Once you decide what makes you different, your entire brand, including your logo design, should be focused around this.

If you send a confusing or muddled message, your potential customers will not know what to expect from your business. This will leave them susceptible to the competition. Your marketing message defines what makes you different from every other brand that they encounter.

“All About Me”

What makes some brand messages appealing to the customer while others hold no draw at all? The answer may lie in what—or, rather, who—your brand it about. One of the key elements of a successful brand message is that it shows customers what they will get from your company or products—as opposed to what you are offering. This may seem like a confusing distinction, but it really comes down to pronouns. Instead of telling customers what you will give them, tell them how they will benefit. Everyone likes to deal with a company that is “all about me.”

Time for Branding?

If you think that marketing can handle your brand message for you, think again. Your marketing doesn’t really tell your customers what your brand message is; that’s a task for your brand and logo design. Your brand, logo design, and other visual elements should send a clear message about what customers can expect from you. Your marketing should supplement this by offering details, such as cost and features. If you have a strong brand with a strong brand message, what you are offering will be clear. I have seen this first hand when we created an interior designer logo design and branding for a client of ours and how an abstract identity could become successful with the support of good marketing.

A brand message is one of the most important “products” that your company can offer, and the only way to offer it is through a professionally created logo design and brand. If you want to give your company the advantage of a brand that customers can’t say no to, talk to a professional logo design today. Give your company the advantage that it deserves.