What Is the Most Essential Spice in the Recipe of a great Logo Design?


Welcome to the fascinating world of immense creativity and height of original thinking.

It is simply amazing how the logos of some world famous brands tickle to our subconscious minds and how quickly our brains recognize the particular product upon seeing the corresponding logo! Most of all these world famous logos are at the core nothing but the collection of a few lines and shapes wrapped up in different colors. But what cooked up finally with these very frugal elements stormed the world to the extent of craziness.


Just think of these very familiar brands whose logos created history. They were not made by sheer chance; they were not created by the professional psychologists either. Yet they still rule in the brains of common people and in most of the cases for generations. So what do you think the magic behind this huge success of these apparently simple looking logos? The secret is creativity.

The meaning of creativity differs from the fields of art. In the field of logos, creativity lies in rightly guessing the psychology of targeted customers and making the logo accordingly attractive for those customers. Here the creativity is judged by the extent of impact it can create on the mass.

Like other art forms, a creative mark must stem from original thinking. However, one major difference of art of identity creation compared to other art forms is that creativity lies in simplicity. The symbolic representation never goes well with the common mass. To create a successful yet creative logo you must step in the shoes of the people who are meant to view the logo. The recipe of a great logo design is one that a lay person remembers long and that he can readily associate with the product.

Now, what makes a person remember a brand for a long time? It is the instant visual impact that attracts the attention of the customers to a particular brand. And the creativity of the logo designer lies in creating this right visual impact.

The visual impact has many aspects – forms, colors, fonts, and finishes. It is the raw materials for your creation just like paints and brush of a painter. These are the practical tools for giving shape to your abstract tools. The abstract tool is your concept or theme on which you are building the logo. Here comes the sense of proportion and contrast. The more creative the designer in his/ her thinking, the more he will be able to blend these tools effortlessly.

In the end a logo reflects lot of creativity when it succeeds in rendering a unique character to the brand logo. This depends on the logo artist’s ability to visualize a company as a being with a separate identity and as such the logo acquires a personality of its own.

Thus emerges the ultimate creative logo with the infusion of a remarkable personality. And this explains the success of such classics as General Electric, Marlboro or Microsoft and IBM in more recent times. Like the men of substance, they are discernable by their exclusive persona.